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Looking for IT companies in mauritius that provide opportunities to work abroad

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Nisha 24 Mar 2013

Looking for IT companies in mauritius that provide opportunities to work abroad, even for a short period of time. Companies that provide job prospect in software development, testing, support, database admin and others.


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moricien 27 Mar 2013

I know Ceridian does this! If youre very good in that field, then you can have opportunity to work in Canada with them! and this is done instantly.

gices 25 Mar 2013

Apart from what Peaches said, there's also TNT. Any company which has branches in other parts of the world would be ideal. So check for an international presence and you'd be fine. Mind you that you'd need to be an employee for a minimum period of time before they would allow you to travel and you would need to excel at your job for them to send you because there are many expenses associated with sending an employee abroad (flights, accommodation and personal allowance).

Peaches 25 Mar 2013

I know someone who works at Accenture in the IT field regularly travels to different countries. It's tough getting in though so good luck trying.

Other than that most world renowned companies have the option of going abroad for work, for example if you work for fedex and see an opening in Australia you could ask for a transfer. If you already know what big IT companies there are in Mauritius then its easier to find out if there is a chance to go abroad.

Nisha 25 Mar 2013

Thanks a lot. Will search into this direction.