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Peaches 23 Jun 2012

I came across this the other day through a friend of mine who is also sick of his broadband service powered by Orange/MyT.

It is overpriced, connection is bad and customer support is pretty much non-existent! A petition has been set up to urge them to provide a better service, so far less than 500 people have signed and we need 10,000 signatures! Well I doubt anything will be done even if 10,000 signatures were achieved but I guess its worth a try.

If you feel strongly too and would like to try and make a change then please sign here MyT broadband petition


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Iron_Man 23 Jun 2012

signed... but i doubt that it will reach 10,000 signatures... :/

Sagitarius 24 Jun 2012

I'm not sure they will have any reaction if they receive a petition with 10,000 signatures but I signed anyway.
As usual I entered 01 for postal code and it was accepted.

Peaches 24 Jun 2012

You do know our official postal code is 742CU001, I always use this and it works for me :)

Mauritius zip code

moricien 23 Jun 2012

Good!! gonna sign for it!! btw, i heard MT will be providing the same tech as BT in the near future..

avish 23 Jun 2012

FTTH there was an expo in an Orange shop in Flacq where they were asking for the public opinion

gices 23 Jun 2012

@avish : Your answer has been translated to English because the question was set in that language.

Khush_Mendossa 23 Jun 2012

Wonderful. But what about 4G? Is it going to bring some change?