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What makes people continue eating meat even if they know it's evil?

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Khush_Mendossa 31 Jan 2013

This is a question that I meditate on often but can't find any answer.



Nakedmind 25 Feb 2013

Huh evil.. uh Big word here ...A number of studies have shown that plants feel pain, and vegetables are picked and often eaten while still alive. Animal rights activists with their blabla (most of the time ( religious belief motivation) but has anyone ever protested for vegetable rights?

Here are ten things plants do that look pretty damn smart :

  1. Plants communicate with insects
  2. Plants have memories
  3. Plants create communication networks
  4. Plants grow differently in response to sound
  5. Plants measure time
  6. Plants know up from down
  7. Plants know who is family and who isn't
  8. Plants warn each other about approaching enemies
  9. Plants use camouflage.
  10. Plants are escape artists

Source :

gices 27 Feb 2013

@Nakedmind : Good arguments. I've condensed your answer to the bullet points and referenced the source. It's much neater this way :)

Peaches 07 Feb 2013

How is it evil? Plants have life too just like moricien said. If killing animals is evil because they are living then eating veg and fruit is evil too. Besides you aren't giving any valid points as to why eating meat is so bad.

Khush_Mendossa 07 Feb 2013

SO you mean eating meat is not evil? Prove it. Plants are not conscious, they react. Animals have feelings. That's why non-veg people are said to lack empathy.

Peaches 07 Feb 2013

You still haven't answered mine or anyone else's questions, how is eating meat evil?

Khush_Mendossa 07 Feb 2013

"That's why non-veg people are said to lack empathy." I answered it 3 times I think.

moricien 05 Feb 2013

Dude, you always have a problem with meat?? Why?? Fruits and vegetables have life equally, then killing them is "lack of empathy and also killing them "for your taste" is EVIL!!! Stop eating man!! bahh...

Khush_Mendossa 05 Feb 2013

Fruits have life? This is the best joke I've heard in a while. Thanks for cheering me up.

moricien 05 Feb 2013

Good that cheered you up! I really do hope, you'll stop with these lines "meat is evil"!!

Seriously dude, if you suffer you can't see people eat meat, then suffer, it'll not stop people to eat meat, with these rubbish question you ask about meat everytime!

Khush_Mendossa 06 Feb 2013

Another cheering up joke.

legend 04 Feb 2013

Is it a proven fact that eating meat is 'evil' as you say?

Nerdy_Shika 05 Feb 2013

Killing animals for your taste-buds IS evil!

legend 22 Feb 2013

To be honest I don't have any problem with a person's PERSONAL dietary choice unless they start to impose it on me. I do not feel the need to apologise for the fact that I love eating chiken, beef, etc.

I do not find eating meat to be 'evil'.

Iron_Man 02 Feb 2013

how is meat evil??

Khush_Mendossa 02 Feb 2013

Lack of empathy is evilness.