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Will the penalty point system make Mauritians better drivers?

Madeleine_Stella 13 Jul 2012

The government wants to introduce a new system for driving offences in Mauritius. You will get points on your licence for each offence you commit (speeding, drink driving etc) and once you go beyond a certain number of points (16 I think), you will be banned for 6 months.

Do you think this will work here?

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Peaches 14 Jul 2012

Won't work sorry, good idea though. People will only be concious when they know there is a camera or a known place where police to spot checks. Also there is still a lot of corruption in the police force, if you slip in a little money you can easily get off with a warning.

The UK also has this points system and it doesn't stop them, they know when and where they can get away with bad driving.

gices 14 Jul 2012

Maybe with time, we'll get more responsible and considerate drivers on our roads but at the moment, it's just going to be a new law that's going to come into effect soon.

The reasoning behind the whole concept is that along with a fine, you'll be endorsed with penalty points on your licence. This means the more points you accumulate, you risk losing your entitlement to drive and that is supposed to deter you from offending again.

In theory this should work but in the Mauritian context, it might not do so well as in Europe because of one major problem - corruption. If you are able to bribe police officers to get away with an offence, then the system is already flawed.

Peaches 14 Jul 2012

What about drivers with a foreign licence, do you know how this affects them?

Khush_Mendossa 14 Jul 2012

I don't think drivers will be more responsible. They'll just be more evading than before.

ziya 15 Jul 2012

Death is never a solution for anything.Actually people need to be reminded time and time to drive safely.