How much tax am I supposed to pay when I shop online?

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Suppose I buy something worth around Rs5000. How much tax am I supposed to pay?

Is there any alternative so as not to pay this tax?

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gices Level 6

For things less than Rs1000, there's no tax or VAT. Above this amount but less than Rs10,000, you will usually pay 15% VAT. And for products above, Rs10,000, you will have to use a customs clearance company as Mauritius Post will not allow you to collect the item. This means that you will have to pay the "courtier" fees as well as the VAT and possibly Customs Duty on the product.

Things like purses (textile & plastic sheeting) have a 30% customs duty levied on them but not when the purse is leather. Chinaware/cookware have a 15% duty. This is in addition to the VAT imposed on the products.

Check this link if you're importing goods privately.

And this one to see how much customs duty and tax you're likely to pay. It gives you a list of products which you can reference.

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gices Level 6

If the item is unsolicited (a gift from a relative abroad), you don't pay VAT if it's less than Rs1000, otherwise you'd pay VAT on the value minus the Rs1000 allowance as follows:

Custom charges = Rs5000 (value of item) - Rs1000 (allowance) x 15% = Rs600

If you were buying furniture, then the calculation would be :

Transaction value of goods = Rs5,000
Customs duty = Rs1,500 (30% of 5000)
VAT = (5000+1500) x 15% = Rs975
Total custom charges = 975 + 1500 = Rs2,475

Customs duty is levied only on the transactional value of the goods which means the price you paid for the item without any shipping costs etc.
VAT is applicable on the total price you paid (shipping, insurance fees included) + customs duty

Bimal Level 1

Say if I order an item(laptop) costing me 34000 how much tax do I have to pay?

sphinx Level 2
For something that's worth Rs5000, you'll pay Rs750, that is 15% of its value and no you can't escape the tax.
gices Level 6
You'd pay Rs600 instead of Rs750 because you get Rs1000 allowance on the item.
Khush_Mendossa Level 3
If you are buying an intangible product such as an ebook there is no tax.

If it is a tangible product (no matter its price) I think the authority taxes you on its weight or original price + VAT. I remember having bought a mobile phone in the U.K and at the Mauritius Post they made me pay tax.

The Tax price may vary between products. You have to contact the Mauritius Post for best answer.

I do not know any alternative. But perhaps if someone from abroad coming to Mauritius puts it in their bag then...
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