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I am looking to recruit a business development/ marketing manager- how do I proceed.

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thesithlord 25 May 2011
go to, create a recruiter account and seek for job seekers (you will have access to their CVs) and/or place your ad there and wait for job seekers to find you.
gices 25 May 2011
You need to have a job description for that business development role first. If you haven't already crafted it, then think what exactly you want the person who you're going to employ to do as his job.

Once you've got a detailed job specification, then make a summary of it for you to put on job recruitment websites in Mauritius. At this stage, you will need to have a clear indication of the salary you're willing to pay. So if you haven't already thought about this, you can check similar jobs to see how much the current rates are.

Make the salary attractive to prospective employees and throw in some benefits to make it an attractive package and know exactly what sort of experience you're looking for in the person ideal for the job.