Is it safe to buy laptop online?

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Bentesky 10 Sep 2017

Is it safe to buy laptop online?
Is there a guarantee that I will receive the product?
If not, is there a way I can get my money back if the product is not delivered?
Is there a tax or some sort of fee charged at the customs?
Can you suggest from which sites is it recommended to buy such products.

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Heven 27 Oct 2017


2.No, but it is best you use a shipping that gives you a tracking number, so you can check where you product shipment at different intervals.

  1. Depends on what site you bought from, Ebay you can always contest in case you didn't receive, Amazon just contact them you are covered by the A-Z guarantee system, Aliexpress I only bought one mouse from a chinese seller, the item unexpectedly came by DHL( he did not make me pay any shipping though i was quite lucky) but I cannot guarantee the credibility of everyone there

  2. look up taxes on mra/ parcel post office mauritius website, usually 15%
    and brokers needed for items exceeding a high amount.
    If you buy from Amazon, the taxes are always included in the shipping fee but I'm not sure about brokerage fees.

  3. Ebay is cheap but you still need to pay for taxes, some will tell you to ask sender to write it off as gift or declare a lower price to try "fraud" it out, but it mostly depends on your luck in that case. Amazon is more efficient when it comes to shipment, because you are always guaranteed to get a DHL tracking id, and a fast shipping.
    On an addition, if there are transit delays and you didn't receive your item on time, you as a customer have the right to claim a refund on your shipping fees according to amazon A-Z customer satisfaction.