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If I want to rent a car at the airport of Mauritius, how much will it cost me?

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anonymous_4 25 Aug 2011
I have a friend who's coming to Mauritius for some holidays and he wants to know about this, and well I'm not into cars. Or will it be better if he gets a car from a car rental agency other than the one at the airport???


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Peaches 20 Sep 2011
I've done both, I can't remember exactly how much I paid but I know that getting a hire car outside of the airport was far cheaper. Luckily I knew someone who could get me it really cheap but even if you didn't it still works out cheaper that the airport, just remember to shop around
yonne 29 Aug 2011
A friend of mine rented a car from the airport for 4 days and including insurance coverage, it totaled to Rs 12,000.
My guess is that it is way cheaper if you get a car from another agency other than the one at the airport as daily rental can be as much as say Rs 1,500 per day (which would have meant Rs 6,000 for 4days and well maybe car insurance is as much as Rs 6,000 I don't know ?!) from common agencies, but try to check out a few places for the best deal before booking your car.
gices 26 Aug 2011
At Plaisance airport, there are quite a few popular car rental agencies like Avis but it might be more expensive if you book it last minute or when you're at the airport.

For a Fiat Panda which is a 5 seater, you'll pay around £150 (british pounds) for a week's rental and for a Skoda Octavia which is a bigger car, you're going to pay around £230 for the same duration.

Many car rental companies in Mauritius will give you the choice of where you can pick up the car, so you can opt to collect it at the airport so that when you land, you're all set to go.