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How much custom tax will I pay when importing a laptop from UK to Mauritius?

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BhavishDoobaree gices
Bimal 13 Jan 2015

Okay so I am ordering a laptop from UK costing around Rs25720.00+ but I want to know how much the customs office will charge me. oh and the laptop is coming by DHL!


gices 13 Jan 2015

There's no Customs Duty to be paid for the laptop, only 15% VAT. So in your case, 15% x 25720 = Rs3858.

Please read the article on importing items to Mauritius to understand better the process.

If customs have good reasons to think your item is liable to tax and/or VAT, it will be held at the main Parcel Office, so no DHL won't be delivering it to your house.

Bimal 14 Jan 2015

But what if the supplier pays the tax etc do i have to pay?

gices 14 Jan 2015

It doesn't count, you still have to pay here.

BhavishDoobaree 13 Jan 2015

DHL will record the price of the laptop with the receipt and on arriving in mauritius, you will receive a letter by post that your item has arrived. you will then pay 15% tax based on the price of the laptop.
you will pay this tax when you collect your item since every iten that you buy has to pass the customs
therefore the more expensive is your laptop, the more tax you will have to pay

Bimal 13 Jan 2015

But wont DHL deliver it to my house?

BhavishDoobaree 14 Jan 2015

depends on the package and what you buy