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E-commerce has now become quite common worldwide with more and more people buying everything that they need or want directly over the Internet. Online shopping allows people to stay in the comfort of their home and browse through the net to buy stuff anywhere in the world.

In Mauritius too, this practice is becoming trendy both for men and women given the vast choice of goods available and shipping facilities around the globe. However, shopping online for mauritians in Mauritius itself is not very common as there are not many e-shops at the moment.

In order to place an order, the buyer must hold a credit card and this is often the tricky part of the bargain. Fraud over the internet is a real issue and many people do not feel at ease to disclose personal information over the internet. However, once cleared with your local bank, it can become less of a complication. One of the best things to do regarding payment facilities is to register with PayPal where you enter all your personal information only once and can thus shop via it since PayPal is known to be reliable, secure and trustworthy for all payment procedures. So when you shop, especially with different stores, you can just pay with your PayPal account rather than entering bank codes over and over again which increase the chance of somebody stealing your bank details.

Online shops in Mauritius
Clever Dodo Boutique There's no better way to make someone happy than with a personalised gift and at the Clever Dodo Boutique, you will find lots of gifts to choose from and customise. You may also want to get the latest mens' or womens' clothing while you're there and spice it all with some fancy jewellery. All in all, with their different payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery) and their door to door delivery service, this is a definitely a site worth bookmarking. Website :

The multi shop
This provides mostly for technological materials and hardware. Items include cameras, camcorders, iPods, iPads, phones, mp3 players, computers, car accessories, bags, cases, security systems, robots and appliances, audio systems, electronic devices, games etc
Website :

ACD computers
You can buy all your pc paraphernalia from this shop such as monitors, keyboards, printers, pens, speakers, casings, cables, gaming stuff etc.
Website :

TCL online store
This an all in one shop where you can get everything from clothes to baby products, pcs, perfumes, software etc.
Website :

Car hire Mauritius
This site is great if you want to hire a car online without the need to browse through agencies across the island. The site is very easy to use: you get to choose your car, period of hire, calculate the hiring cost, make the booking and do the confirmation printout that is your ticket to the agency to get the car.
Website :

Le Point Stationery
This stationery shop allows you to buy all your stationery online whether it’s for personal use or for your offices. You can get all your paper works, fling stuff, IT accessories, and office furniture right online from this shop with free delivery across the island.
Website :

This shop provides gift boxes of Mauritian made stuff such as tea, sugar, vanilla boxes, and rum in specially designed boxes as per your taste.
Website :

Le Gourmet Coffee bar
Located in the NG tower at Ebene, le gourmet coffee bar delivers foodstuff free of charge (though for the time being exclusively to the Ebene area) at a minimum choice of Rs150. Delivery is usually 30-60 minutes after order placement which include make-your-own-bread, chips, quiches, pasties, vegetarian meals, lasagnes, cakes, drinks etc.
Website :

Sushi in Mauritius
This is where you can buy all the sushi you want and have them delivered to your home! Orders must be placed one day beforehand though; the staff can be contacted on their mobile number or by email.
Website : (site does not work anymore)

Tante Bazar
This is your virtual market place. You can buy all your usual vegetables and more online and pay when the stuff is delivered to you. Delivery is one hour after confirmation and is free only in Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, Ebene and Beau Bassin while people from all other areas must pick up their stuff at the main store. The minimum order is at Rs300.
Website :

The wine store
A wide array of wines is offered to you for your greatest pleasure, happy browsing! While you can pay online, your stuff must be picked up at local stores such as the different Kaddy plus-es on the island.
Website :

Flower in Mauritius
Make your own bouquets online from a wide range of flowers (add cards, other gifts etc.) and have them delivered wherever you want one day after your order or for express delivery, order before noon for same day delivery.
Website :

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