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Fashion House Factory Shop Phoenix

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I’ve heard good things about the textile company, Fashion House, and decided it needed a visit. People warned the factory shop was difficult to find but I planned my route carefully so that I don’t get lost. The address is DBM Industrial Zone, Phoenix.

Coming from Port-Louis, when you reach the Phoenix roundabout that’s close to IVTB, you keep going in the direction of Mahebourg/Plaissance. You will then find a second roundabout very quickly. You need to keep going ahead as in the direction of the airport and when you find the very first slip road on the left, you should take it. This is well before the third roundabout. Once you’ve taken the road on the left, you just need to turn left again at the first junction and turn left where the road finishes. Go all the way down and turn left at the last junction. The building will be on the left; it’s a big one with a big sign so you can’t miss it. Here’s a map to help you:

fashion house map directions

There’s plenty of parking space on the street itself but when I went there I thought the building was on the right and when I enquired, the lady at the gate told me I could keep my car in their secure parking lot and just walk down to where it was actually located. A 2 mins walk actually.

It’s a huge building, very nicely decorated. As you walk up the steps, you find a koi pond, some yellow and some orange & white, in different sizes. On the right, they have some beautiful roses and other some exotic plants.

Inside the building, it was very clean and looks like a shopping mall. I thought it would be a run down place but I was wrong. There was a huge selection for women but not so much for children and men. I’d say about 90% of the clothes were for women. I thought the prices were a bit on the steep side though. Some of the clothes that looked nice were made of too thin a material to justify the price. I’ve never heard of the brand Fashion House until just recently and I thought the factory shop would offer decent clothing at bargain prices but that was not the case. I knew I could get better value for money elsewhere so I didn’t buy anything in the end.

I’m just glad I didn’t set out with the sole purpose of visiting the shop; I actually had something else to do and since I knew I was going to be close by, I thought it would be good to kill two birds with one stone.

So have you ever been there? What’s your experience?

gices Published 07 Feb 2013


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anonymous_4 16 Mar 2013

Last time I've been there was around 1 year ago! Went there 3-4 times, not for me but for the girlfriend because, as you rightly said, most clothes there are for women.

Used to have a coffee at the shop while waiting for her shopping to be done! Still managed to get 2 t-shirts there though. Prices did seem a bit steep.

gices 16 Mar 2013

Thanks for your comment.

Women and shopping eh! What we guys have to put up with is unbelievable, lol

anonymous_4 07 Feb 2013

You are so right, I went there a while ago and was disappointed too. Prices are ridiculous sizes are for those starving themselves and choice is very limited, everything looks the same! I really don't understand 'fashion' in Mauritius, you get better value for money by buying abroad.

gices 16 Mar 2013

Yep, it seems fashion is meant only for size zero people. Healthy people are pushed to get thinner and there's no hope for plus sizes.

anonymous_4 19 Nov 2014

please check the dictionary for healthy... those you are referring as 'healthy' are not healthy, there is another more precise for this..

gices 19 Nov 2014

I'm sure you've misunderstood my comment, so read it again :)