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Things to avoid for a healthy body

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Without a healthy body every aspect of your life will collapse. Health problems are bound to happen. What will follow is depression, limited social interaction, loss of confidence, lack of money, ignorance, being immoral, relationship problems and doing things that will only make you worse.

What you consume affects you directly every second of your life. Imagine you drink poison. In less than a minute you're dead! Now imagine you drink a vitamin. You'll logically be healthy.

##Things to always avoid:

Soft drinks Why? All softdrinks (coke, sprite, pepsi and so on) contain aspartame which literally creates seizures and death as per research done. Even when consumed moderately it makes irreversible damage to our body. Do you know how much sugar there is in soft drinks? Let us do a comparison.

In a can (12 oz): Coca-Cola: around 10 teaspoons of sugar. Pepsi: around 9 teaspoons of sugar. Moutain-Dew: 11.5 teaspoons sugar Sprite: 9 teaspoons of sugar

Have you ever tried to eat 10 teaspoons of sugar? No way! Soft drinks promote dehydration, increased blood glucose levels, a condition that increases the risk of developing diabetes and provides additional calories. Poor bone development or osteoporosis are also an effect of soft drink consumption. The Prime Minister warned us against consumption of soft drinks recently. Sometimes politicians give good advice. But there is not enough campaigns for this though. So better remember what's written here.

Smoking How many times have you heard that smoking is disastrous, gives cancer, reduces your mental and sexual capabilities and so on. I think hundred of times! But still you smoke? I don't want to call smokers ignorant but only they have a lack of self control. All smokers know that smoking is bad. Some think that they cannot stop. This is due to new receptors formed in the brain which can be easily overcome with willpower and a good diet. But this is another topic. For some people smoking is a psychological way of telling society that "I just don't care anymore" or simply "I'm suffering". If you are this type of person or you know this type of person, then the solution to stop smoking is to get help by being with positive people.

Even the first cigarette you smoke causes damage to your lungs, brain and kidneys. No need to smoke for a long period of time as per research done (there was even an awareness for this in Mauritius recently).

Alcoholic Drinks Do I really need to relate its negativity? Just in case you forgot I'll put it here.

Let us keep aside for some moments that all religions have strictly prohibited consumption of such beverages. Let us see how it affects our body. It gives heart attacks. A common thing alcohol does is to block arteries. It also gives brain strokes killing you instantly. It drastically reduces your ability to think and make correct decisions. Alcoholic beverages causes damage to the liver and kidneys. Even a small amount starts the problem.

Meat I bet just as you saw 'meat' you thought "WHAT??". Humans are naturally plant eaters. We are not omnivores contrary to popular beliefs. Let us see the damage that meat does to our body even if it's Halal. First of all, research done has proved that people who eat meat have a shorter life span. People who consume meat have a greater risk of developing diabetes, stroke, tuberculosis, osteoporosis and thousands more illnesses.

Eating meat is eating a part of a dead body which causes toxic waster in your body.Did you know that the longest living people were a tribe of vegetarians (study carried out by NG)?

Now you could tell me that humans have canines to eat meat. Humans canines are not for meat as they are not real canines. Just compare it to carnivorous animals and you'll see for yourself. Hundreds of research has proved this, just look for them.

The human digestive tract is not made to digest meat. But why don't we die if we eat meat? It's because most animals get their protein source from plants (chickens eat maize) and our digestive tract have gastric juices that can digest these protein. But bear in mind that these gastric juices are not enough and can't digest 100% of the meat, leading to several illnesses.

Have you seen the strength of an elephant? Want real example of people who are vegans and have done great things? Check this page. Even for animals this is becoming a fact. Many companies are beginning to sell 100% vegan products for dogs and cats.

##Have sexual intercourse only one time in a month or only to have children This may sound stupid. But wait for the fact and you'll be convinced on how this impacts your health. An incredible amount of water is needed to produce blood. And an incredible amount of blood is needed to produce semen along with the testis and glands all working together by sharing nutrients (this is why semen is not red). 100 drops of water = 1 drop of blood. 100 drops of blood = 1 drop of semen. It is all according to medical science combined with yoga knowledge. Men who have ejaculation often have low amount of sperm, which naturally reduces chance to have an offspring. Ejaculation makes you lethargic if it is often.

##Don't use the T.V and laptop often Heat generated when putting laptop on one's legs can cause skin problems and also skin cancer, infertility and eye problems.

England's government mobile phone advisor recommends that laptops have wi-fi disabled or are not set on children's laps during use due to radiation.

American researchers have discovered that for every 2 hours of watching T.V people are more at risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases. Click here for full report

Khush_Mendossa Published 22 Aug 2012


meyster 06 Oct 2012

I agree on you for most points but...

as far as it has been proven medically, archeologically human beings are omnivore. Some vitamin needed by the human body can only be found in meat. Have you seen lions eating vegetables?? and then study their teeth, it's not flat like grass eating animals since it was meants to rip. Human beings have both molars and canines. And finally for those people who says that meat eaters are violent try and study Hitler's life you'll know. the importance is to maintain a balance diet and not overdo meat consumption and as far as halal is concerned its a method use by muslims to 'process the animal' in a religious and healthy manner.

"The human digestive tract is not made to digest meat. But why don't we die if we eat meat? It's because most animals get their protein source from plants (chickens eat maize) and our "

"People who consume meat have a greater risk of developing diabetes, stroke, tuberculosis, osteoporosis and thousands more illnesses."

check this out

Any how I appreciate your efforts and positiveness in trying to share your knowledge for the betterment of the society. There is no harm in being a vegetarian but like I said if you overdo meat consumption then only you expose yourself to diseases.

Khush_Mendossa 06 Oct 2012

I welcome and appreciate your opinion.

However, I maintain that meat is not good for our body and is a form of violence and non-religious as you lifted a topic of vast discussion.

Check this link And this one also

meyster 06 Oct 2012

If the method of kiling the animal is prohibited and not halal then abstention is the best recourse I agree.
It is indeed a topic of vast discussion which has taken place from an islamic point of view.


Khush_Mendossa 06 Oct 2012


If you want to discuss, or make any suggestions, check my personal blog. I enjoy debating with people who think :)

BadFundodo 11 Feb 2016

Follow this link

Article by Corydon Ireland, Harvard News Office Title: Eating meat led to smaller stomachs, bigger brains Scholar revisits her theory explaining evolution of early primates into human

Contradictory view!!

Quote: "Even for animals this is becoming a fact. Many companies are beginning to sell 100% vegan products for dogs and cats."

Dogs and cats natural vegans? Really? lmfao XD -Why do cats prey on birds, mice, rats and frogs if they are natural vegans? -Why are they equipped with pointy sharp teeth if it's not to pierce through flesh? -House/domestic cats belong to the feline family, therefore it can be assumed that they have common characteristics, which maybe includes eating habits. Other animals belonging to this family are lions, cheetahs, cougars, tigers, jaguars..etc. As far as I know, they are all almost purely carnivorous predators. Killing and ingesting raw meat is part of their instinctive nature. Those animals NEEDED to kill in order to SURVIVE, stay energized and healthy.

The same arguments more or less apply to domesticated dogs. They belong to the canine family & are thought to descend from WOLVES. I'm wondering whether wolves are peaceful plant eating creatures?... Oo If those creatures are natural vegans then why did they evolve to become meat eating predators and not stick to a vegan diet? Another contradictory view. ;)

Elephants and other plant eating animals like the bull are indeed extremely physically powerful. Their diets are plant based and therefore it is logical to deduce that they source their energy from what they ingest. Plant/herbs can be converted to produce great power and energy. However, we are talking about totally different species here and there are quite a lot of differences between the two. Humans versus Cows/ elephants. Humans have been anatomically/ anthropologically classified as big apes. Humans are bipedal. Humans have different brain to body ratios. Humans have unique cognitive abilities in the animal kingdom. Humans have different digestive tracks. Cows have unique digestive systems. Homo sapiens teeth possess the characteristics of omnivorous animals…etc The list of distinct features goes on, and this is why imo your human to elephant comparison is not so valid.

and another contradictory view. :)



  1. In order to stay healthy, the human organism requires certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats & corbohydrates.
  2. Those may be obtained from what they intake (a particular diet).

If vegetables indeed contain all that is needed to stay healthy, then being a vegan is definitely not a bad idea. HOWEVER, IS THAT SO? Nevertheless if that was the case, veganism could prove itself to be convenient not only for humans but also to animals we typically murder to feed upon. For instance:

  1. You mentioned that vegetables are digested more easily that meat. This has been backed by a number of studies indeed, and that is probably true. Excess meat intake may lead to health issues which is also true.
  2. Meat eating involves killing/slaughter/torture/suffering/agonizing deaths which are extremely inhumane and unethical.

Who are we to decide upon the fate of these poor creatures? They should be free. Female cows are forced to copulate in order to produce milk. The circumstances in which those defenseless creatures a killed are tragic. Millions are slaughtered every single day for the sake of human consumption yet so many of us see nothing wrong/ immoral in this ego driven evil?

Humanity will not become vegan tomorrow/ in the near future for so many out there enjoy the taste of meat. I personally do, but I significantly lowered my intake!! For this reason, it is very important that the methods of killing are altered so as to minimize or alleviate suffering. Humans need to develop a sense of empathy towards all living beings. Want it or not, all fates are interconnected.

People should do good for the sake of doing good and not out of fear. Not because they fear bad Karma. Not because they fear Hell. Not because doing good brings you good. Not out of expectations.

Goodness should be FREE...Let's redefine what being human is, because so far humanity has miserably failed.

Nice work Mendossa, quite a few valid arguments, but your science isn't quite accurate. You still have a lot to learn

Peace out!! ;)

ShishaSmoker 13 Jan 2014

About the vegeterian part.. I think most will not agree.. Anything in excess is bad but meat is not as bad as you made it seem.
Also, healthy living should not drain away all the pleasures of life..
Add life to your days and not days to your life

ziya 27 Aug 2012

You have quite a lot of research on how to be in good health.There are some small things that can cause health problems which I did not know like for laptop and TV.

gices 23 Aug 2012

I'm comfortably sitting on the sofa with the laptop on my legs, reading this article and I'm getting freaked out now, lol.

Some things are easier said than done. For example, becoming vegetarian takes a lot of willpower. When reading the news, I always find a new research which tells you not to do this or that because it has a negative impact on your life. If you pay too much attention to all these things, then you wouldn't do a single thing.

Nevertheless, thumbs up for a very well written article.

Khush_Mendossa 23 Aug 2012

Lol...healthy mind in a healthy body ^^