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DIY Wall Painting Using Tapes

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I don’t have any profound love for paintings, tableaux or anything affixed on the walls to beautify them – dust collectors. Nor do I like to have holes made in the walls because they kind of stay forever. Still, I wanted something warm, cozy and personal on my veranda wall because this room has large window panes with loads and loads of light and fresh air coming in. Moreover, I am thinking of having some potted plants placed around and zen-rocks aligned.

So, I pinterested some DIY methods to do my own wall painting. Among all the ideas, I found the easiest way (for me): using masking tape. There I went… googling for designs. Moreover, upon buying the masking tape, I had to ask for a good quality masking tape which doesn’t rip off the paint from the wall when it is peeled off. My friend helped me because I lack height and also my right hand was is not that fit right now.

My lengthy procedure

1. I printed the design I fell for
2. We covered the needed spot on the wall with the masking tape
3. Using a pencil, we drew the selected design over the masking tape stuck on the wall
4. We used a cutter to outline the design we made with the pencil and peeled that bit of cut-out masking tape off
5. We painted the spot we just uncovered with the paint of my choice
6. I let the paint dry out and removed the extra masking tapes from the wall


My Veranda

My Veranda Wall Painting

My Bedroom

My Bedroom Wall Painting

Choice of colours

I had two paints left: dark grey and white. Then I mixed a bit of both to make a lighter shade of grey but darker than my wall’s grey background.

There are so many amazing things we can do with these tapes. Take a look: Tape Painting on Pinterest

Khairah Published 06 Sep 2015
Hmm.. Risk-lover? Work to party kinda person? Crazy and spontaneous? Sheesh, nothing worthy to be put in a BIO! Let's see if I get wiser with age - then I might come edit this section :p


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Aurel19 06 Sep 2015

Oh wow!! This is amazing!! Love it, specially the design you chose for your veranda.

Khairah 07 Sep 2015

Thank you Aurel.. very sweet of you :)

gices 13 Sep 2015

This looks beautiful Khairah. How much would you say you spent doing this, including the design and the paint (and labour or time taken to complete)?

Khairah 13 Sep 2015

• Amount of paint: I used less than 1 litre of paint for each colour.

• Time: Took me two sundays to do the designs and two coating for each.