Beware of Facebook spam video in circulation - Girl forgot to turn off camera!

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gices 21 Jun 2012

facebook clickjacking If you see one of your friends has liked a link similar to the one above, then it's a viral spam that's circulating. It's called clickjacking where clicking on the link takes you an external website (out of Facebook) and your browser is made to like a link through malicious codes.

The trick they are using is that you see your friends liking the video and since you trust your friends (or you're just curious), you click too and that's how the spam spreads quickly.

So don't click on this and remove it from your timeline (wall) and inform your friend as well.



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akilesh32 10 Jan 2014

yeah i will

sphinx 24 Jun 2012

I bet you it's mostly guys who've been victims, lol. No better way to grab their attention than showing a picture of a girl and telling them she's had her cam turned on.

moricien 22 Jun 2012

Weps okay! I saw many people though already clicked on this. Sad for them.

gices 22 Jun 2012

Inform your friends or share this link on facebook to alert others. There's also a 'Report Post as Spam' that you can use.

moricien 23 Jun 2012

weps, i better share the link as the information can be passed on more quickly.. :)