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A Special DIY Yarn Wrapped Letter for Mother's Day

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Things are so easily available nowadays. Clothes, mobiles, shoes, food, GIFTS! Be it for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, good results or bad results (consolation gifts)… the worry is not money – for most of us. What we don’t have is time. Time to be creative. Be creative to: make things you can call your own. Make your OWN to: please someone. Someone who? Someone whom we would accept to “spend” our precious time for. For example: Our Mom.

The PinkBlues

So there I went, to meet my fortnightly children some weeks before Mother’s Day. My mother is not with me, and it saddens me a lot because each year I feel good in preparing a little or big something for her and my dad. Just to see that special smile on their face which shines these words bright: my busy daughter remembered our day!

Anyway, knowing that my fortnightly kids are not financially at ease to even buy a rose for their mother because they do not get pocket money from their family, I brought materials with me for them to create their own mother’s day gift :)

Materials required

• Back cover board of a sketch pad
• Yarn: Different colours
• Glue (I used fevicol), paint brush for the glue, scissors and cutter
• Lovely artefacts to embellish the gift
• First alphabet of the name of the loved one: printed in A4 size and cut
• Background music :) ;) :P

How to go about in 5 steps

  1. Paste the printed alphabet on the sketch pad cover. Use the cutter to outline the alphabet - it is okay if the cutting is not neat, as it will be yarn wrapped
  2. Cut a 60 cm yarn length, put aside.
  3. Dip the brush in glue and apply it to the back and front of the letter. What I do is to glue about 1 inch starting from the top, wrap the letter with the cut yarn then add more glue, wrap, glue, wrap – it’s fun!
  4. You can trim the yarn and use another colour to continue wrapping.
  5. Complete your gift by sticking the artefacts on the letter et voilà!

The kids at work

The Pinks

The Pinks

The Blues

The Blues

The Reds

The Reds

Yarn Tips

  • Brush the glue on the letter lightly, ensuring that it covers the whole surface though. We don’t want the yarn to be floating on the glue as you wrap, do we?
  • Yarn sliding down as you wrap: If you are using a thick yarn, hold the wrapped yarn with your fingers for a minute so the glue and yarn can stick together. But I prefer using thinner compact yarns which are not made of loose threads gathered together.
  • I love ombre colours, so used ombre tones. They bring a warm and cosy feeling when the letters are placed or hung somewhere.

My creation for my mom

My Love For My Mom
The whole procedure took me around 2 hours, including material preps. I am not a very DIY-person because of limited free time and lack of motivation. Yet, in this materialistic world where money helps to get things done rapidly and easily, somehow I was losing that joy, excitement, fear of failure which... we need to feel alive. Who knew that creating something with my own hands and the smile I create on other’s face with my own doings could actually bring back the life in me.
Amazing! ^_^

Khairah Published 13 Jun 2015


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gices 13 Jun 2015

I'm sure you've had a great time doing arts and crafts with the kids and the mothers who received this truly unique letter were over the moon.

Looking at the pictures and seeing the messiness shows great DIY work. Keep up the good work that you're doing helping those kids :)

Khairah 14 Jun 2015

Thank You.