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Fake MAC cosmetics gaining popularity in Mauritius

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Peaches anonymous_4 Fluffy_Unicorn

For a while now I have seen people selling MAC make up online here in Mauritius, but as far as I am aware of, it's not available here so how come many people boast that what they have is real? Well let me tell you, most MAC cosmetics sold in Mauritius are dupes/replicas so are FAKE. So many people are buying from groups and Facebook pages but I cannot understand how people can be so naive, MAC is very expensive but is supposed to be the holy grail of make up though I disagree with this.

Fake Mac eyeshadow

I have contacted a few people who are selling fake MAC here in Mauritius telling them that their products are fake and even provided evidence but everyone fails to accept this. Let's break it down, here are a few prices of real MAC make up:

  • Foundation (Studio fix) – £20.50 or Rs994
  • Powder – £20 or Rs969
  • Gel eyeliner – £14 or Rs678
  • Lipstick – £14 or Rs678
  • Blush - £17.50 or Rs703
  • Moisturiser - £24.50 or Rs1187

As you can see MAC is very expensive, just to get started with the basics such as foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and moisturiser can easily set you back well over Rs5,000! Now I have tried nearly all high end make up brands such as MAC, Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder etc and while they are all very expensive, they do a good job. BUT since living in Mauritius these brands are just beyond ridiculous in price so I buy other brands, to be honest it's all in your application technique not the brand you are using that gives a flawless finish.

Fake Hello Kitty Mac

The most common fake MAC product circulating at the moment is the eyeshadow palette. Come on guys do you really thing it costs as little as Rs800. One eyeshadow from MAC will set you back Rs581 and a palette of just 4 colours costs a whopping Rs1697. If you don’t believe me check their official website, they don’t make and have never made eyeshadow palettes with such a large quantity of colours.

Fake Mac eyeshadow palette

Before writing this I did a quick search and found a page on Facebook selling replica MAC and although they state this I bet people don't understand. Having a quick look I find their prices ridiculous, would you buy the following FAKE make up at these prices?

  • Eyeshadow palette – Rs3100
  • Fake brushes – Rs1640
  • Foundation – Rs550
  • Gel eyeliner – Rs600
  • Lipstick – Rs600

Best selling Fake Mac palette

These fake products cost just a little less than the actual genuine thing! Also fake MAC is readily available on every street corner in Port Louis, you can get foundation for Rs100 if you want to. Why would you pay over Rs500?


MAC makeup facts

  1. You cannot buy Mac cosmetics in bulk at wholesale prices, they do not allow this nor do they have re-sellers; you can only buy in-store or online.
  2. Mac is owned by Estee Lauder companies since 1996
  3. Mac was originally designed for make up artists
  4. If you are a make up artist you can get up to 40% off their products by applying for a pro card (yearly subscription is payable)
  5. Most Mac products are manufactured in Canada but some are also made in Italy, UK, France, Belgium and Switzerland
  6. You never get free bushes with any Mac products, for example you do not get a small blush brush with any blushers and you do not get any eyeshadow applicators with any eyeshadows

Fake Mac blush with blush brush

I know we all want to look our best but I can't stress enough the dangers of cheap and replica/fake make up. They contain high levels of lead which can cause many problems, even more dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn babies. Save your money and buy good makeup or learn the right techniques to make any budget makeup look good.

Peaches Published 08 Jul 2013


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anonymous_4 08 Aug 2013

I totally agree with you! And its sad the number of people boasting about using MAC. They might just be putting their skin at risk.


anonymous_4 28 Sep 2013

I've been through this....was about to buy fake mac product.but I've done some research when I realise what they are selling is fake...from china which is 10 dollars online ands it's like 300 Mauritian Rs but these people are selling it for 1000 Rs or more common lets just not support this .

malak20 28 Aug 2013

I totally agree with you. but i guess some people enjoy MAC here even though it's fake.

Fluffy_Unicorn 17 Sep 2013

I guess you are right some people willingly buy the fake ones, but the worst are the sellers who state and argue that their mac cosmetics or brushes are original ones and get offended when you talk to them about the price difference between their product and recognised shops selling those items,subtly hinting to them that theirs are fake ones.

Fluffy_Unicorn 19 Aug 2013

There are many blogs that helps you to identify if the mac products are real ones or fakes and they give you tips such as the container will have smooth edges and not those rough ones, it is unheard of having mac eye shadow palets of 180 colors and much more but to be on the safe side it is usually better to buy branded goods from recognised shops , it can be more expensive than online but at least you are sure its not fake

yasmin25 26 Mar 2014

These people who say they have the "REAL" mac are obviously the Mauritians who like to show off ! Typical!