Where can I buy slimming pills in Mauritius?

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gices BhavishDoobaree
nesha1 19 Nov 2014

Where can I buy the best slimming pills in Mauritius?


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gices 19 Nov 2014

Most pharmacies sell weight loss pills, so you can go and ask the pharmacist what they would recommend.

However from what I know, most of them have side effects. Now someone can argue there are herbal ones which are more natural and better than their chemical alternatives but still I wouldn't advise it without consulting a nutritionist.

A friend of mine, a girl who was just slightly overweight, took one of those pills and that would make her go to the toilet several times in a day and she had to carry spare underwear with her just in case something leaked as you have no control over your body when you take those slimming pills.

A proper diet combined with regular exercise is a better approach. It might take longer to see results but it's well worth it in the end.

Update #1

There's a fat burning product which is available in Mauritius (60 capsules for Rs2000) with great customer reviews on Amazon. If you want to know the name and where to get it in Port-Louis, drop me a message through our contact form.

Update #2

We are launching a Fat2Fit bootcamp in Mauritius soon which will be a crash course with intensive training techniques and proper nutritional information.

nesha1 21 Nov 2014

Thx for your answer.But can anyone give an effective slimming pills. There are so many weight loss pills in pharmacies that are uneffective.

BhavishDoobaree 12 Jan 2015

it would be better to take fat burners which are sport supplements that make you lose more weight during exercise since it increases your body temperature

hacker8 30 Nov 2014

the thing is that most of those pills are fake
there are no good product nowadays to lose weight
go the natural style of losing weight
you wanna lose weight badly?
i recommend ddp yoga
it does not involve any pills