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How to become a taxi driver?

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gices 12 Oct 2012

Does anyone know how you can get a taxi permit in Mauritius? If you already have a full car licence, do you need to pass another test? What's the procedure?


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sphinx 13 Oct 2012

Apparently there's a quota for taxi drivers :

You can only apply for a taxi licence when applications are invited in the press and you meet the criteria laid down in the advertisement.

Taken from website...

So when the government needs more taxis on the roads, they will advertise in the newspaper and other media and you can get a form from the NTA to fill in and if your application is successful, you will get your taxi permit. It says there's an application fee of Rs300 as well.

gices 15 Oct 2012

Nice find!

moricien 12 Oct 2012

To become a taxi driver you should first of all have your car licence. After that you need to go to the Police Station, they will take your fingerprint and will send it to caserne central Port Louis. Then you'll just need to undergo a theory test to become a taxi driver.

Getting a taxi permit requires to under various procedures. I never ever heard of anyone getting their driving licence under natural circumstances.

Normally, when election is near, its then that people profit a lot to get these permits. Its even more difficult to get a taxi permit for hotels these days..

gices 12 Oct 2012

Where did you get this information? I couldn't find much online.

moricien 12 Oct 2012

Yeah you won't find such information online. Many of my friends have their taxi licences, and they usually related how the whole stuffs goes on... Its like this that I get these kinds of information..

gices 12 Oct 2012

Alright, thanks for the heads up :)

moricien 12 Oct 2012

Most welcome ;)

moricien 12 Oct 2012

UPDATE: Application for taxi permit should be done at the District Council. And the actual cost for a car taxi permit is Rs50,000.

gices 15 Oct 2012

You mean to say that you can apply any time of the year as long as you have the Rs50,000? Please see @sphinx answer before replying, thanks.

bhootookamalraj 06 Oct 2016

What kind of question asked to get a taxi license

akashmanson 14 Nov 2013

hi everyone plzz help 1've got an oral book but its incomplete u can tell mi zat is z dimension to pu ur taxi plate on z roof thnx in advance

Khush_Mendossa 12 Oct 2012

The same procedures as moricien mentioned. in the first paragraph. Be sure to know about mechanics well.

Looks like the economy is falling hard on you Gices xD

gices 12 Oct 2012

Someone asked this question by email and I found there was not much information on the subject on the Internet. As for me, driving in Mauritius gets me frustrated all the time, so I don't think I would be a good taxi driver.