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What are good romance books that you have ever read?

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RoseOfUniverse gices
RoseOfUniverse 19 Aug 2016

I am looking for Mauritians or even expatriate to share amazing romance books with me. We could make this a discussion board where we can discuss our like and dislike of the romance books we read and share amazing books with each other.


Nilen12345 22 Sep 2016

The fault in our stars, never let me go. Only ones ive read:)

gices 22 Sep 2016

I watched the movie, made me so sad :(

RoseOfUniverse 22 Sep 2016

If you like similar books/films like this...You should watch Sweet November , the notebook, 500 Days of Summer. Romance books with a bad ending are not my cup of tea..Let's say I am someone who is very sensitive, I will keep thinking about reading this "traumatizing book" in my whole life. (You must have heard of "Nana" by Ai Yazawa, I still feel the negative impact of reading this manga, lol.I have had to talk repeatedly about my feeling with my best friend for the pain to subside.)