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What books did you use to read as a teenager?

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Madeleine_Stella 13 Jun 2012

I was passing by a bookshop today and saw an old copy of Secret Seven by Enid Blyton and that took me down memory lane. It seems the new generation are not too much into reading books but spend more time on social networks. Those who do read tend to go for Kindle e-Readers but I find that a hardcopy is more pleasant to read.

So what books did you use to like reading when you were younger?


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Khush_Mendossa 13 Jun 2012

Super Picsou Geant and Mickey Parade Geant, Tintin, Kid Paddle, Les Femmes en Blanc, everything that was in french!

Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

So you prefer French books then?

Iron_Man 15 Jun 2012

super picsou geant, journal de mickey, schtroumpfs etc....i like french books ;)

LilOkie 13 Jun 2012

Hi, well for me, Ive always been crazy about Stephen King and H.P Lovecraft horror fiction books. Stephen simply is the King. From every writer I know is he the most genius writer. Cheers

Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

Yes, Stephen King is an outstanding author!

nilen122 05 Feb 2016

Les six compagnons.arsene lupin.famous five.secret seven.comics like tintin.asterix etc..:)

RoseOfUniverse 01 Feb 2016

I Love romance Novels,
When I was young,the book that makes me love reading was Jane eyre

then my dad bought this book for me, A.K.A Goddess by Evelyn Vaughn(then I start waiting for the continuation of the series, it was my first favorite series)

At school, my favorite book series was nightworld (I always look forward to getting book from that serie, the same author who wrote Vampire Diary)
Then I start reading the
Mills and Boons series
and Harlequin (then I got bored with them)
And I start looking for different publication

My favorites books series is:
1) Dark hunters by sherrylin Kenyon
2) Dark by christine feehan
3) Immortal after dark by Kresley Cole
4) Drakon by shana Abe
5) guild hunter by nalini singh
6) psy-changeling by nalini singh
7) Black Dagger Brother by J.r.ward
8) Elder races by Thea Harrison
9)Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost
10) Fae Chronicle by Amelia Hutchins
11) Sempre by J.M Darhower
12) Consequence by Aleatha Romig
13) Crow row by Julie Hockley
14) Monster in his eyes by J.M Darhower
15) The Medlov Crime Family by Latrivia s. Nelson
16) Bagtagglia Mafia by Sienna Minx

Favorite Book :
1) How to marry a Millionaire Vampire (laugh so hard when the dude lost his vampire tooth :P)
2) Love and list (chocoholic) (I love the list the dude create lol, laugh )
3) Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire ( The total bad-boy falling for normal woman, we know it doesn't happened in real!!)
4) perfect chemistry by simone Elkeles
5) Dmitry's Closet
6) The Boy who sneak in my bedroom window by Kirsty Moseley
7) My favorite Mistake by Chelsea M Cameron
8) Destino by Sienna Minx
9)Ti Amo By sienna Minx
10) La sposa By Sienna Minx
11) La famiglia By Sienna Minx
12) Elusive Lover By Carole Mortimer
13) Lingering Melody By patricia Wilson
14) An Ortiga Marriage By patricia Wilson
(Ok..I will stop here because I will never finished with my lists) ^_^

anonymous_4 20 Mar 2013

Well apparently I like romantic novels, especially the mills and boons series.My favorite one is her sister's child by Cynthia Thomas. I also love thriller books and detective ones as well

Minashou 18 Jun 2012

The one that comes to my mind is: Secret Seven!!!

Iron_Man 13 Jun 2012

I like comic books like marvel/dc superheroes, old one like asterix&obelix or smurfs etc.. I'm too lazy to read a book with words only...therefore comics are entertaining and they give me courage to read.. :p

Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

Classic! How about adventure books without comics?

Iron_Man 15 Jun 2012


Peaches 13 Jun 2012

Stephen King was my favourite and still is but I no longer have the time to read such large books. I also vaguely remember Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal lol

Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

Yes he enjoys his writing and gets really into his books, hence their size, lol

Peaches 15 Jun 2012

True, he is so involved that he also starred in a few of the movies

gices 13 Jun 2012

Christopher Pike was my favourite with novels like :

  • Slumber Party
  • Chain Letter
  • Spellbound
  • Whisper of Death
  • Die Softly
  • Bury Me Deep

And his Spooksville series was fantastic :

  • The Haunted Cave
  • The Cold People
  • The Wishing Stone
  • Night of the Vampire
  • The Little People

Wow, what a flashback!

Madeleine_Stella 15 Jun 2012

I read a few of his books too and if I remember correctly, there was another children series called Goosebumps on the same shelf in the library as his ones.

Peaches 15 Jun 2012

Oh yeah forgot about them, I used to watch the TV series too