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What will you do if you win the lottery?

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sphinx 03 May 2012
Say you won the jackpot, what would you do with the money? Buy a top of the range car? Stop working?


Mike_Danjey 06 Oct 2012

the first thing I will donate for the poor and the needy people, then get a hectare of land build houses for those needy people, and they will be working for themselves to earn their own bread in the same location and finally invest in my business

gices 06 Oct 2012

Good thinking but not realistic though. 1 hectare of land is 2.37 arpents which is 237 perches. To build houses, the land needs to be residential and if you were to get a cheap deal of Rs20,000 toise, you'd pay more than Rs52 million just for the land and that's without any houses built!

Madeleine_Stella 14 May 2012
Travel the world and stay in the best hotels. Help the poor and needy. And invest the money in a business :)
moricien 04 May 2012
I'll buy everything I ever dream of having throughout my whole lifetime. I'll go on holidays.. and lastly I'll bribe some people to get a job xD
Khush_Mendossa 04 May 2012
Lol for the bribe.
gices 04 May 2012
Buy my dream house, go on exotic holidays but I'll still work as I love what I do. I'll probably set up a charity or try to help people in need through donations.
Khush_Mendossa 03 May 2012
Clear the debts of parents, buy them whatever they wish. And the remaining enjoy for myself and donation!
Iron_Man 03 May 2012
It depends on what kind of person you are. First I would share the money among my brothers and parents. Then maybe invest in something to have a constant flow of income. Then I would realise my dream: going to Australia...

What about you?