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The evolution in the standard of living in Mauritius

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Khairah gices
Warda 10 Mar 2015

Can someone please give me some details about the evolution in the standard of living of Mauritian people.


gices 14 Mar 2015

On one side, you have those people who are living in extreme poverty. On the other side, you have those who have too much wealth. I don't see many middle class people.

Lifestyle is greatly influenced by Europe. The pit or Indian toilet used to be the norm, nowadays pretty much all houses have European toilets.

Ask yourself:

  • What happened to the milkman?
  • People used to grow their own vegetables, now they are turning those bits of greenery to more building space.
  • The convenience of going to supermarkets is taking over buying from local markets/bazaar (fresher produce).
  • Ask the kids whether they've ever played the carrom and they'll ask whether it's a new game on the iPad.

Lots of things have changed and not necessarily for the better.

Khairah 13 Mar 2015

It's a funnily interesting question. Sounds like a GP question which brings me to wonder whether you are not a student looking for job done easily.

I would want someone to answer your question though because I personally think that some Mauritians are getting richer while others poorer.

And though education is free with the possibility of needy students being offered financial help, those coming from low economic status are not taking this advantage. And academically speaking, the quality of education is decreasing with too many factors affecting their need and want to study.

Many Mauritians spend more than they can afford and live on loans. They need to have sat-channels or Iphones rather than an appropriate house to live in. High loan interest, no savings.

Materially speaking, there is inflation but not that high. We can still afford a decent meal but with so many fast food options, people do not realise that with Rs1000 spent on Pizzas for a day, they can buy a month's vegetables.

And finally, most of us pay more attention to our wants than needs. The generation coming up... scares me.

Any economist around?