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Where to get a GPS device for my car?

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thesithlord 21 Jun 2011
I'm looking for a GPS device with navigation. I heard there's Garmin in MRU. Or should i try the Google Maps with navigation?

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gices 21 Jun 2011
You can actually buy any satellite navigation system and get the map for Mauritius - it's just a matter of replacing the SD card with a new map. Last time I checked, the map for Mauritius was something like £40, a bit expensive I would say.

By the way, why do you need GPS? Mauritius is very small and you can reach most places if you know the main roads. Last year when I visited Mauritius, I was a bit worried because it was going to be the first time I would be driving there but it was not that bad to be honest and I managed to go everywhere without any problems.

So I'm not sure whether the GPS is a good investment for Mauritius.