What are the locations of speed cameras in Mauritius?

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sphinx 03 Jul 2012

I know there's one in Pailles on the motorway (80 km/h speed limit) but I've heard there are more that are being installed on our roads. Does anyone know where they are?

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gices 04 Jul 2012

Update Here's a map with the exact coordinates of the cameras on our roads. All of them are operational.

There are now 33 speed cameras in total.

  1. From Port-Louis to Plaisance : Caudan to Bell Village, Camp Chapelon to Grewals, Montagne Ory to Bagatelle and St. Jean Flyover.
  2. From Port-Louis to Pamplemousses : Place d’Armes to Quai D, Quay D to Cocoterie/Roche-Bois, Cocoterie to Riche-Terre.
  3. From Port-Louis to St Jean : Cité Vallijee to GRNO/Pointe-aux-Sables, From Brabant Street to Bell Village, From Gamma Civic (Chapman Hill) & Richelieu to Beau-Bassin.
  4. From Port-Louis to Centre-de-Flacq : Nicolay to Abercrombie, Le Hochet to Terre Rouge.
  5. Rivière Noire : Bambous to junction at Médine up to La Gaulette.
  6. Terre Rouge to Triolet - Grand-Baie : Triolet from Lady Sushil SSS to Route Bon Air, near Solitude Junction.
  7. Mapou to Goodlands : Grand-Gaube Junction to Goodlands.
  8. Moka to Camp-de-Masque - Flacq : From junction with Route B47 to St-Pierre Bus Terminal.
  9. Savanne : From St Aubin to Union Ducray.
  10. Phoenix to Plaisance : From St. Paul to Phoenix, From Eau-Coulée to Curepipe.
  11. Plaine-Magnien to Mahébourg : Beau Vallon to Mahébourg.
  12. Candos to Vacoas : From La Caverne to Bonne-Terre.
  13. St Paul : From Route Berthaud to Golf Course-Gymkhana.
  14. Coastal Road from Rivière-Noire/Savanne - Riambel.
  15. The Vale : From Bois Rouge to Fond-du-Sac.
  16. Plaine-des-Papayes : From Police Station to Bois Mangues.
  17. Montagne-Longue/Crève-Cœur : Notre-Dame.
  18. Flacq to Mahébourg : From Caroline to Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche.
  19. Flic-en-Flac : From Médine to Anna Branch Road.
  20. Vingt Pieds : From Sottise to Plaine-des-Papayes.
  21. Sivananda Road : From Curepipe to Floréal.

A friend of mine sent me this list on facebook recently :)

sphinx 09 Jul 2012

Wow, are all these operational now?