What can we do to decrease the crime rate in Mauritius?

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It seems that every day, some case of violence makes it to the front page of the news. Crimes are going up in this country and that's becoming alarming.

What do you think we can do to fight this in order to live in a more secure and peaceful society?

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Khush_Mendossa Level 3
Simple. Raise the future generation in a non-materialistic society. Apart this, everything will fail.
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Romeo_Pierre Level 1

Criminal must be sentence to death. No nourishing them. Government soutire these guys

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But you cannot apply death penalty to all criminals. The system needs to be fair punish according to the crime committed, right?

maliniseetahul Level 1

Hi, before, can I please know the actual crime rate of Mauritius for 2014?

moricien Level 2
Well, change the laws to the best laws in the world!

Let's start with rape! Normally when you're accused of rape, your sentence will be of 20 years, 15 years maybe even more or maybe even less! So is that enough? No, its definitely not!! How about applying some laws like in Islamic countries? If you rape someone, you chop off the private part of that person!

Just imagine, how afraid people would be to commit such kind of crimes?

When thieves are caught stealing, their first punishment would of that, their right hand to be chopped-off, second time found guilty, their second hand chopped-off and third time, sentenced to death! Normally there are many regulations to this, but I'm not going in details but just explaining in general..

Like this there are hundreds of laws that can be applied to reduce the crime rate! Research says, the countries with Islamic Laws, are the only countries having the less crime rates resulting in 0.1 or hardly even 1%!
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Iron_Man Level 2
yeah but they would not apply them in Mauritius... It might also create tension among other communities because they'll think only Islamic laws are being applied and that the Muslims are are being favored etc etc....like a chain reaction..
moricien Level 2
Well, Muslims are never favored in Mauritius.. that's another topic..

You can't decrease the crime rate in a country if you don't have the best law!

@the person who disliked my answer! I would like to know where I've gone wrong, or what is the part of the answer which you didn't like to dislike my answer? By giving me feedback of my answer above, I can then ameliorate my answer next time!
Iron_Man Level 2

yeahh but in Mauritius these kind of laws would never be accepted because it would cause a lot of controversy....

btw a precision: it's not me who disliked your comment..maybe he/she is thinking that you have put too much emphasis on the Islamic laws....

moricien Level 2

Don't you worry, I'm not pinpointing you ;)

Nopes, I didn't put too much emphasis on these laws, I just listed two out of thousands of laws..

Well, I answered the question according to what is best so as to decrease crime rates, as statistics says...

Peaches Level 3

Have you heard the saying 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'? Islamic law certainly won't make a difference, crimes happen but you just don't hear about them, just like in the US they have the death penalty, it doesn't deter people from committing crimes.

laws need to be more strict

Iron_Man Level 2
its like Khush said...but our society is materialistic so it would be difficult to raise children in a non-materialistic society...
today's children and teenagers are most likely to become criminals...they want easy money and expensive things like the latest technologies..
its very sad to see this...
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