Which mobile data package would you recommend?

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I've got an iPhone and want to use the internet on the go. At the moment, I've got a prepaid sim card with Emtel but I can get an Orange one if that's better. I would like to be able to check my emails, be able to update my facebook status and browse the net even when I'm not home and I'm not sure which mobile plan to go for.

Is the pay as you go plan better or should I get a post pay mobile data plan? Which one do you use and how much bandwidth should I get? Thanks.

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That depends how much data you'll be using. You'll need to calculate the bandwidth according to your needs. So try to see how many emails you're going to send/receive each day, how many webpages you're going to browse etc. On the iPhone, there's a bandwidth meter which will come in handy. Reset it first and then use your internet as you would normally do and at the end of the month or in a week or 2 weeks time, you can compute the bandwidth that you'll need.

Once you've got that sorted out, you can then go with a postpaid package with either Orange or Emtel. Both are fine.
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