If I don't change my car to the new licence plates, what will happen?

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sphinx 23 Jun 2011
We've been told to get white licence plates at the front and yellow ones at the back and that's supposed to cost around Rs800. Will I get fined if I don't change mine when this law becomes into effect in Mauritius on the 1st of July 2011?


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Yashwin_Takoordyall 11 Jul 2012

Hi all, most (99%) of the "new" number plates in Mauritius are not in conformity to the British Standard....
This is how all this should have been handled:
1. An expression of interest is launched nationally inviting potential number plates manufacturers.
2. Successful shortlisted manufacturers are invited to furnish their sample plates to an appropriate accrediting body (e.g. MSB) where extensive tests are performed (not just font size, type or colour but parameters like reflectance, materials, etc.)
3. After the extensive tests are performed, the MSB issues a seal or certificate to the accredited plate manufacturer (better to emboss the plates or use holographic devices)
4. The NTA then releases the names of the accredited plate manufacturers to the public.

It's not like now where, any Tom and Dick are selling you plates at ridiculous prices. I will not be in a hurry to swap my old plates if i were you, guys ;)

gices 11 Jul 2012

True, but when the law becomes binding, you'll have to comply nevertheless.

sachin 25 Jun 2011
of course, u'll be fined.
There's a place at corner labourdonnais street, plouis where they do it for 380 rs only. so have it done there to make some nice saving and also to ensure that the plate will adhere to the standards.
sphinx 27 Jun 2011
Rs380 for both back and front licence plates? What's the place called?
legend 23 Jun 2011
It was announced by the Minister Baichoo in the National Assembly around April that only new vehicles will be fitted with these new license plates. The existing cars are allowed to use their current license plates until a decision is taken by the Ministry.

And I also heard that current car owners wishing to change to the new license plates can do so, provided they adhere to the standards set out.
sphinx 27 Jun 2011
I'm sure everyone has to change their vehicle licence plates by 1st of July. Can you back up what you have said or cite the source where you heard this info? Thanks.