Is Kentucky Fried Chicken halal?

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anonymous_4 Level 1

How can we say something is halal when its ingredients are kept secret?

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gices Level 6

It is said to be halal and they've got a certificate to prove it as well. However my neighbour, an old muslim woman, says although the meat itself might be halal, the ingredients they use to make the kentucky spice might not be.

So you're free to draw your own conclusion.

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anonymous_4 Level 1

I am coming to Mauritius in a week. Please can you give me a list good halaal places to eat at. I will be staying close to Grand Bay.


akilesh32 Level 1

i think so

mozzafarammeer Level 1

KFC is not Halal Certified by Jummah Masjid Halal Council / Nor by Halal Research Committee...

Nous pas dire qui KFC Haraam... Ni Nous Dire qui li Halal... Mais Ena Doutance...

Et bassee lors parole Sait Prophet "paix sur lui"... ABSTENIR AVEC LE CHOSE KI MET OU DANS DOUTANCE...

Maintenant pourquoi Doutance....???

Plusieur fois Nous fine approacher avec Compagner KFC ki diriger par Food & Allied...

Jusqua mem fin gagne bannes rencontre... Mais pas finne gagne bannes reponse positive...

Demande qui nous fine faire qui... Avec tous CONFIDENTIALITER... nous pour verifier tous bannes ingredients / epices / formules... Si Halal ou bien Non... Eski dans bannes formule la servi Lalcool... Eski ena base animal... etc...

Mais jamais jamais fine gagne authorisation pour faire verification...

So poule Halal... Shortening Halal... Bun Halal... Mais bannes le rest epices et ingredients...???

Pena confirmation... Sa ki amen nous dans categorie Doutance...

Si KFC dire ki so produit Halal... Alors ki fer pas fine donne authorisation... ???

A chaque fois li fine met consomateur Halal dans doutance... c'est pour sa Nous (Jummah Masjid) nous fine dire qui meilleur ABSTENTION...

C'est sa meme la foi..

bird_dodo Level 1

Technically speaking they are not halal. Simply because they have their secret receipe which they cant show or give away to have the halal certification.As simple as that. Bt i dont mind eating there, because im not sensible to these. but i have friends who are.

anonymous_4 Level 1

I think the question should be asked to KFC themselves. They are not very keen on displaying any certificates nor are they keen in having being certified by a Halal committee in Mauritius like others are doing (debonnairs, steers, nando's port louis among many others). Is there anything they are hiding. Also beware that an oulet with a halal logo does not automatically mean halal food are served. Rely only on certificates from the Jummah Masjid or the Halaal Research Committee. I have heard an example where a person was displaying the halal certificate of the slaughter house from where he buys chicken but he actually added wine to fried rice. Please be very careful.

Peaches Level 3

Supposedly it is but I doubt the marinade is

Noor_Ally Level 1

Yes, it is.

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