Do we have mauritian participating in the #cnschallenge on TikTok?

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I saw 2 for idol challenge but i wanted to know for cns challenge? cns =chicken noodle soup It's a dance challenge

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gices Level 6

Lol, never heard of this but the name makes me chuckle. From what I've noticed, there are many Mauritians already doing popular and trending dance moves on TikTok, so I think there will be loads who will participate.

Is there any prize for the winner?

sarah_7 Level 2

I haven't seem the CNS challenge being done by mauritians. It's so funny. The clip is fun too. It's J Hope and Becky G and the style is hip hop but in 3 languages. Actually there is no prize but you can get a following by the tens of thousands at one go if your danse is interesting

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