Is there a real Vegan society or club here?

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Khush_Mendossa 13 Oct 2012

I'm not asking about the countless facebook pages or groups. I need a group which is active.

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Khush_Mendossa 14 Oct 2012

Well, after reviewing your answers, and answers from the public, I'm deciding to make a vegan society. It will be open to everyone (even non-veg) as, I believe, it will promote vegetarianism in a good way.

thesithlord 31 Jan 2013

I'm vegetarian. I'll gladly join. But behold the people who hates vegetarianism.

Freesoul 08 Dec 2013

Hello Khush, i know that this thread is old. But is mauritian Vegan Society idea still on?
I am vegan and would really like to help. Please let me know.

Thanks :)

gices 14 Oct 2012

I'm not vegan (not yet, maybe in the future) so I've not tried to find much information about this but I'm sure you're done your research before asking this question. What I wanted to say is that if there's no active vegan club, why not start one?

moricien 14 Oct 2012

Its a good idea to start one. I'm not really a veg but I don't consume non-veg foods much. Very rare, and If I eat, then I'll eat only chicken!!

morisien 14 Oct 2012

are there real vegans?
the bread we eat, the water we it really 'veg' in a way?

Kelly_Adrian 23 Mar 2014

Vegan and Vegetarian isn't the same. But I like your idea of a a vegan society @Khush_Mendossa