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How to discourage spamming on a blog?

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Khush_Mendossa 21 Jan 2013

I am getting around 50 comments per day and 45 of them are sure to be spam. It is a waste of time to go through all these comments. Help needed. Blog is on blogger.


sphinx 22 Jan 2013

Instead of using the default comments functionality on Blogger, try using Disqus or Facebook comments. I know this is easy to do on Wordpress blogs, not so sure about Blogger though.

Khush_Mendossa 22 Jan 2013

I have integrated facebook on some posts but it is difficult or impossible to remove an individual comment.

Sagitarius 22 Jan 2013

Too bad for those on Blogger, on Akismet does a good job. It seems, though, that Akismet can be coupled with the Disqus comment system on Blogger to effectively block spam.

gices 21 Jan 2013

Most comments you're getting are from spam bots and there's no way to discourage them, you have to prevent them. You can add a captcha to your posts by going to settings and enabling Word Verification if I remember correctly or force people to only comment if they have a google account.

Sagitarius 22 Jan 2013

Captcha may not be the best idea: it is said to drive away comments. It does in my case, anyway: I never comment where there's a captcha.

Khush_Mendossa 22 Jan 2013

Indeed when I used captcha the comments were really low.

Peaches 24 Jan 2013

I find it strange how people are saying that captcha drives people away. If someone really wants to comment then something as minor as captcha shouldn't put them off. Intelligent people know why its there, I have captcha on my blog and have no problems, I have loads of comments and hardly any spamming. Usually those who spam are people and not robots when captcha is in place, its harder.

Sagitarius 24 Jan 2013

Captcha effectively drives quite a lot of people away. I haven't found any info on the level of intelligence of those who don't care to enter them, though. Perhaps you might let us have some feedback on that?
By the way, it would have been more appropriate to post your 'answer' as a comment on the first answer.

Peaches 24 Jan 2013

... should have been a comment

Nakedmind 25 Feb 2013

Adding and configuring a moderation filter which automatically deletes the unwanted mesages/spams