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How to discourage someone from smoking?

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morisien 28 Nov 2013


Muzzammil 28 Nov 2013

-Talk about the syntomns which can occur when smoking to him/her
-Make him/her smoke Matelot XD (it sucks)
-show him about how lungs can become black due to smoke etc
-Tell him about how this can affect his future family
-Talk about the budget spent on cigarettes
-make a plan of how much cigarette he smoke a day, the amount of organs affected and the percentage of parts affected.
- Provide him with electrical cigarette (sold in pharmacies)
-show him/her the rate of people dying due to cigarette.
- SHow him how far can cigarette lead him

Zeroun 29 Nov 2013

@ Muzzammil

lol -@ Make him/her smoke Matelot XD (it sucks).. Good one. I would try it...

gices 30 Nov 2013

A bit off topic, if you insert a space after the hyphen in your points, they will become a bullet list like:

- My first point
- and my second point

...will turn into

  • My first point
  • and my second point

And that makes it easier to read :)

Khush_Mendossa 04 Dec 2013

From my view (having studied social epidemiology) there is no way to discourage an adult from smoking. Only children can be stopped. The person by himself perhaps one day will have a sort of enlightenment. And I'm saying this after studying the facts and figures.

Zeroun 04 Dec 2013

Agreed with Khush_Mendossa.

gices 05 Dec 2013

@khush_mendossa : Now here's a rare person. Glad you've dropped by to share your wisdom :)

Peaches 29 Nov 2013

To be honest unless someone has the willpower to be able to stop there's nothing you can do apart from the suggestions from Muzzammil above.

My nan smoked even after having a stroke and my dad was hospitalised and vowed to give up and never could. People who have smoked most of their lives will find it hard but if its a younger person you may have a chance.

You could try showing the person pictures of people who get cigarette related illnesses such as cancer, they are really gruesome.

jeanphilippe 12 Dec 2013

sensitise against ciggarets, provide help and suport