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Which member do write blogs here?

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ziya 11 Jul 2012

I want to people living in Mauritius who write blogs(any kind of blog does not matter).If anyone do write blogs here then can you tell me what is it about and can I see the blog?


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sarah_7 26 Nov 2019

i have my website and I have divorsed with blogs because my domain provider asked me to migrate it. by december 19. You don't need a an item you don't like in your new home. bye bye blog

ziya 16 Jul 2012

Anyone know who are the most active blogger in Mauritius?

Sagitarius 16 Jul 2012

Try Yashvinblogs aka Yashvin, pages of my life...

Peaches 15 Jul 2012

I have a blog on beauty with Blogger and think its fantastic, I have a premium template that I got for free, there are loads of tutorials to help you make them look professional etc

I hate wordpress it is so complicated compared to Blogger, also Sagitarius is wrong, for your blog to be visible you need to one have a good blog description so search engines can find it and also good quality content. My blog is very new and all my pages rank and can be found easily through search engines. Also meta tags are a must if you want traffic!

ziya 16 Jul 2012

Can you tll me more about tutorials for blogger?How I can have meta tags with blogger?What a good description must be so that search engines can find it?

Peaches 17 Jul 2012

Do a google search there are loads of free tutorials for beginners. Also what to you intend to blog on?

ziya 17 Jul 2012

I want to create a personal blog but i would also post about other general matters.

Peaches 17 Jul 2012

Ok, personally I create blogs that make money and trust me there is lots to be made :)

ziya 18 Jul 2012

how to make many with blogs?and do u really make money with blog?

xtolord 13 Jul 2012

I am seriously considering making a blog on bonsai [ growing, maintenance, progression ]. Well its already created, just not yet populated.

Sagitarius 13 Jul 2012

I blog mostly in Kreol. My main blog is Sagitarianblog but I have 6-7 other blogs- some of which are presently offline for redesign. I started a blog in English, BloggerSagitarius earlier this year, but there are few posts as I'm still testing different Wordpress themes.

Madeleine_Stella 13 Jul 2012

I'm too busy to blog but I think it's a good thing as you get more independent opinions from bloggers than in the news.

On a side note, I think every member on this site can blog (write articles) once they reach Level 2.

Khush_Mendossa 12 Jul 2012

I have all type of blogs. One of them concerns Google Sketchup. Kinda like 3D modelling of buildings and stuffs. For what purpose are you asking this?

ziya 13 Jul 2012

I want to know what is best to use:blogger,wordpress or tumblr

Sagitarius 13 Jul 2012

Wordpress offer more possibilities. There are about 180 free templates plus a few premium ones. Most of those templates are customisable in many ways (header, background, layout, etc) There are so many possibilities that you might take months to discover them all.

Blogger is simpler and less versatile. There are only about 10 free [dull] templates available when you create an account- though you can buy and install others later. You can't have a static page: the latest posts are arranged in a long scroll-down list. Although Blogger is connected with Google it is not as Search Engine friendly as Wordpress.

I've never used Tumblr. As I understand it is much like Blogger but i meant for shorter posts- a bit like tweets.

ziya 14 Jul 2012

Thanks for sharing the information

Khush_Mendossa 14 Jul 2012

My experience tells me that Blogger is more search engine friendly. I have a paid blog on wordpress and the user interface is not that useful despite nice themes and hundred of apps. Everyone has his own concept of user friendly interface. I choose blogger.

Sagitarius 14 Jul 2012

It may be different for paid blogs. But I've operated three [free] blogs on Blogger for some time and they were practically invisible on the web. Two of them could be accessed only by typing the exact URL or by Google Account login. The third one did appear on browser search but in a very discreet way.

I have a friend who has two blogs and he has the same problems. I can visit his blogs ony when he put links on Facebook. On browser search, they are invisble. When I was operating Blogger and Wordpress blogs concurrently I received more than 10 times more visits on Wordpress.

I agree, the user interface of Wordpress requires more work. But it's not that difficult. The Drag and Drop dashboard of Blogger is simpler; I did mention something like that.
My friend stays on Blogger precisely because of it's simplicity. He has a blog on poetry and another on his computer sales and repair business. Both blogs receive at most 30 monthly visits. For poetry it doesn't matter, but for the other blog ............

ziya 14 Jul 2012

For wordpress how can I include an html code?And how can I change font?I can see that this is available only if I pay for it.Also their are some features available with some themes and not with others.

Sagitarius 14 Jul 2012

Yes, the different themes don't offer same degree of customization. On the dashboard [upper right] you can switch between Visual and HTML.

ziya 15 Jul 2012

Actually I want to add a widget and its having html codes to add it and I cant understand how to do it.

Sagitarius 15 Jul 2012

To add a widget, open the sidebar, then drag and drop the widget in it.

To add an image in a sidebar, drag and drop an Image widget--> upload the image to Media [Add New]--> in Library click Edit--> Copy the File URL--> go back to the widget and Paste in the Image URL slot.

When you Save the dimensions should load automatically. If not, get them at Media/Library/Edit and enter them in the dimension slots. Other fields may be left blank.

Khush_Mendossa 15 Jul 2012

P.S Check this. You can add thousands of templates for Blogger. They are better than wordpress Click here.

ziya 15 Jul 2012

Are you having a blog in this khush?I think wordpress is a bit complicated to use and some features are not available with the theme that I like.

Khush_Mendossa 16 Jul 2012
Sagitarius 16 Jul 2012

Lever Lepep: great theme, almost as good as a Wordpress one...Never saw anything like that on Blogger, though.
I still have an unused account. Can you explain how to install that theme. I think I might export one or two Wp blogs to Blogger if I get a theme with that layout.

Sagitarius 16 Jul 2012

Note this: Lever Lepep was absent on the first 10 pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.
No results were found for with Yahoo and Bing. Google gave 1 result.

Khush_Mendossa 16 Jul 2012

Did I mention I created it yesterday? Haha :p

Here's my traffic since yesterday (my own views are not counted):


United States


South Korea

Sagitarius 03 Dec 2012

My reply of 15 Jul is now obsolete. Wordpress has just introduced a new Drag and Drop interface to add pictures.

Khush_Mendossa 03 Dec 2012

It was already present when I was using it.

Sagitarius 03 Dec 2012

Are you sure we're talking about the same thing? I've tried every single free theme in the past 2 years and I had not met this before last week. On's blog the article on that subject is dated on 29 November 2012.

Khush_Mendossa 03 Dec 2012

Oh you are referring to free themes! Sorry I used paid ones :/

gices 11 Jul 2012

I write about web design, programming, internet marketing and SEO, you know the geeky stuff :D

There are 2 members which have personal blogs here that I know of (Sagitarius & Khush) but I'll leave it to them to disclose their blog address to you.

Do you blog as well?

ziya 13 Jul 2012

No I dont blog but thinking to start writing one.