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How can I include a user registration form for blogger?

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ziya 31 Jan 2013


gices 01 Feb 2013

You've been a member for 6 months now and I would assume you're familiar with how the Q&A works. I've had a look at your recent questions and most of the time you don't give enough details so that other people can help you. You also don't follow on when people ask for clarification and don't even mark any best answers. Please take the time to read through this guide carefully, otherwise you'd leave me with no choice other than to remove your ability to ask new questions.

I will edit my post when you make your question clearer and confirm you understand the rules.


Peaches 01 Feb 2013

What kind of registration form?

Khush_Mendossa 31 Jan 2013

What do you mean by user registration? There's an option that enables only Google/Blogger users to access your blog.

If you want a registration like that of CleverDodo then you need a database which is not free.