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Shopping in Curepipe?

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Peaches 02 Oct 2012

I recently went shopping in Curepipe as I have never been before and I got really ill. All the shops smell of damp and made my asthma flare up, I was really shocked but my cousin who was with me was not affected. Anyone else noticed this?


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gices 02 Oct 2012

Curepipe is a humid place and the dampness could be caused by a lack of ventilation in the shops.

Manhattan shopping centre used to be a thriving place but is now a dead building. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Bagatelle/Cascavelle these days.

Khush_Mendossa 02 Oct 2012

I go shopping in Curepipe often and I never experienced this despite having hay fever. Perhaps it's the climate or humidity or you feel disoriented.

Shopping in Curepipe is always a pleasure for me.

Peaches 02 Oct 2012

lol might just be me then. BTW where are the good shops I was disappointed, there wasn't much there.

Khush_Mendossa 02 Oct 2012

Lol yeah.. Places I shop often are at shops in the arcade besides Jan Palach, Square root, and boutique at very good price near Sik Yuen supermarket and Arcade Ocean Promo Shop.

Sunsheel and the new Arcade behind Jan Palach are not worth it.

If you want good clothes at good price try "L'IN" at Jumbo Phoenix. I love its simple and clean clothes. Also, Magasin Lotus at Quatres-Bornes just below Orchard. Near L'Eglise Mountagne there's a factory shop I like to buy stuffs there. Vacoas is useless.

I think I shop more than girls lol