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Any place to hang out with friends in mauritius(Port-Louis, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Rosehill)

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redevilers11 15 Feb 2013

Hi, i want to know if there is any place in Mauritius where i can hang out with some friends during the day. Anywhere at the places mentioned above


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sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

Port Louis Centre Culturel Chinois, Thai Bo ect, Caudan arts Centre, Indian Ocean Institute Arts SSR Road, Photography Meseum, History Meseum, Blue Penny Meseum, events at citadel

Curepipe Trou aux Cerfs, Gymnasium

Quatre Bornes QBMunicipal reference section XD

Rose Hill Plaza. Whenever National art gallery organises it's salon contemporain

There are tons of shop at these places

akilesh32 10 Jan 2014

At grand baie la croissette or at bagatelle

G Star Lanes Bowling & Restaurant Lounge welcomes you and your dear ones to our Sport & Leisure Facilities.

We are situated at 2nd Floor, Manhattan Building, Curepipe.

Namrata_Ramdewon 06 Apr 2013

Quatre bornes there is spot and bamako for playing pool

gices 16 Feb 2013

Caudan is a nice place to hang out with cinemas showing both hollywood and bollywood movies, nice restaurants and a food court and plenty of places to just sit down and relax.

If you're more into arcade games or video games, then Rose-hill will suit you better although I don't know the exact location of the places.

In Quatre Bornes, you've got the Orchard Centre but there's not much to do over there than shopping. They've got some nice restaurants though like Happy Raja.

The Manhattan Shopping Centre in Curepipe is now a run down place, so nothing much there. The Curepipe Botanical Gardens is a quite pleasant though with plenty of shade.

Perhaps you could tell us more about your idea of "hang out" and we can give you more suggestions.

legend 22 Feb 2013

Mentioned this in your last question; Curepipe now has a Bowling Alley! At Manhattan, and it's open till quite late.

Namrata_Ramdewon 06 Apr 2013

Cost please ?

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

caudan is so differnt now