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What's the best shopping centre in Mauritius?

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Madeleine_Stella 20 Apr 2012
Instead of going to different places to get everything that I need, I'd like to go to just one place and if required spend the whole day but return with most if not all of the things that I need - that's going to be clothes, shoes, accessories and I'd prefer to have a wide variety to choose from (big brands and less famous ones too). Here's the list of shopping centres that I know:

1. Bagatelle (Reduit)
2. Cascavelle (Flic en Flac)
3. Manhattan (Curepipe)
4. Orchard Centre (Quatre-Bornes)
5. Caudan (Port-Louis)

If there are any other good shopping malls worth a try, then let me know, otherwise which one would you recommend?


yash_ash 22 Apr 2012
It's better to buy on eBay because it's cheaper :)
gices 23 May 2012
@Sagitarius : Thanks for pointing this out. I've moved it to the Creole section now.
Sagitarius 22 May 2012
@Gices. There's a question [and answers] in Creole about 'pom zako' in the English section. I was looking for an appropriate place to point this out and here seems a good one.
gices 23 Apr 2012
Hi yash_ash,

I've translated your answer from Creole to English because this question has been asked in English and the answers need to be in the same language (read the FAQ for more details).

Let me also take this opportunity to welcome you to Clever Dodo and to thank you for your recent answers & comments.
gices 20 Apr 2012
Caudan has more shops than the other shopping malls, so if you had to choose one, I suggest going there.

There's a lot of buzz for Bagatelle but I don't see it worth the title "Mall of Mauritius" because there ain't many shops, prices are extortionate (there's no justification why you should pay Europe prices and the clothes that I've seen are not worth the price tag).
Peaches 24 Apr 2012
None, they are far too over priced! I went to Calvin Klein in Caudan and was shocked by the prices, they were more than the UK. Everything is expensive, I even found moisturizer worth Rs 150 selling for Rs 800, what's that all about?
Khush_Mendossa 20 Apr 2012
Phoenix les halles - Phoenix
Sunsheel - Curepipe
Le Vieux Moulin - Rose Belle
Khush_Mendossa 20 Apr 2012
Till it lasts it's still worth checking out the discounts until end of 2012 I think.
gices 20 Apr 2012
Is Phoenix les Halles not closing down, Khush?
Khush_Mendossa 20 Apr 2012
VIP Center - Central Flacq