What laptop, widescreen, surround system and game console do you recommend?

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It's time I change my electronics they are over a year! But I didn't keep in touch with the new stuffs. So I need your help.

P.S If anyone could suggest me a surround system that supports an electric guitar that would be nice as my amplifier is half dead.

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sphinx Level 2

You can't go wrong with an XBox :) Disclaimer - It's highly addictive!

Khush_Mendossa Level 3


gices Level 6

Depends what you're going to use the laptop for? I always go for branded electronics because they last longer and have less problems. I have a Sony laptop and for the things that I need it for (mostly programming and surfing), it does the job really well.

I'm not a hard gamer and the Nintendo Wii that I have keeps me entertained. If you want more advanced gaming, then I recommend that you go with the Xbox 360.

I don't know much about widescreen and surround systems to make a good suggestion though. By the way, do you change your electronics every year? Sounds like an expensive habit to me considering electronics are usually expensive.

Khush_Mendossa Level 3

Hmmm I'm gonna need a laptop for gaming and good sound output even though I don't play often as I'm considering to use it for atleast 2 years. I'm also planning to make an album that's why I need good sound.

Will try the Xbox.

I don't change my electronics every year it would cost too much. But atleast every 2 years is good considering how fast the hardware breaks in my hands lol.


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