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Who will win Miss Mauritius 2012?

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miss mauritius 2012 finalists
The 13 finalists are :

  1. Jaimie Douce
  2. Keshika Canaye
  3. Yashi Gopal
  4. Gwendolina Bernard
  5. Rachel Olivier-Beekha
  6. Devyadarshini Sungkur
  7. Anael Christina Bussac
  8. Shabnize Meerun
  9. Diya Beeltah
  10. Christabelle Papillon
  11. Kelly Lachooa
  12. Nathalie Lesage
  13. Murielle Ravina

At J & J Auditorium in Phoenix, on June 30th, only one of those 13 ladies will be crowned Miss Mauritius 2012 and will represent our country for Miss World and Miss Universe.

Who do you think has got the looks, personality and capability to win the title?

10 Replies

I would if I participated, lol :)

To be honest I don't really follow the Mauritius Pageant at all. I didn't even know that was happening now until I read this post.

Those girls seem to be enjoying the attention they are getting and get to wear nice clothes to model in, so that should be a dream coming true for each one of them. Not to mention, going to beautiful places for photo shoots and getting free food & drinks ^.^

gices Level 6

And the winner is Diya Beeltah.

Mike_Gopal Level 1

Yashi Gopal

gices Level 6

Seems related to you?

anael bussac

gices Level 6

Friend of yours?

Peaches Level 3

Sorry, I had no clue that the finals were coming up, didn't even know about entry, I would've entered, lol

sphinx Level 2

Jaimie seems to be a strong candidate to earn the title. My vote goes for her. We just got to wait and see how she performs in all the activities now.

gices Level 6

hmm, so she's your favourite then :)

sphinx Level 2

You could say that :P

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