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Can my nieces from South Africa get into government schools of Mauritius?

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gices anonymous_4
sohail2 05 Jul 2012

Hi, I have 2 nieces from south africa who want to continue education in mauritius. What are the chances? One is 10yrs and 13yrs, will they get government school for studies?


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gices 06 Jul 2012

Are your nieces from Mauritian parents? Have they renounced their citizenship? Will the whole family be relocating to Mauritius?

Schooling is from January to December here, when are they planning to join? It might be more difficult to get in half way through than at the beginning.

anonymous_4 13 Jul 2012

Their father mauritian but passed away last year in south africa and mother is south african but not married legally. The kids coming tonight with mother. Problem is french language which is compulsory in primary school as one is 10 and other is 13 yrs. So wht is yr opinion abt their migration and schooling.