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Coming to Mauritius to photograph a wedding - visa required for South African?

sophialdlm 09 Mar 2017


Basically the title says it all.
I have a friend who is coming to Mauritius to photograph a wedding, and will be staying in Flic en Flac. Anyway, he is wanting to know if he needs to get any special visa for this? He won't be getting paid in Mauritius, and the wedding couple are not Mauritian.
He is South African and will be here for roughly a week.
Thanks for the help!

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gices 10 Mar 2017

South Africans do not require a visa to enter Mauritius - see this link

As he's not doing any business here (not getting paid in Mauritius), he can just come and take the photos. It will be in his country of residence that he will be liable to tax. If anyone asks, he's the friend of the bride/groom who will take professional photographs of the wedding; no one can argue with that.