Kuma program MyT so remote

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Lechimiste 26 Dec 2014

koman program remote myT orange pou li kapav teigne television enan ene partie lor remote la kot kapav controle television koman program sa pou li kapav control television


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BhavishDoobaree 12 Jan 2015

premier zafr ensure ki t remote TV ki t p servi currently bon sinn pa pu kv program li

  1. press bouton "set"

  2. 1 la lumiere rouge pu alimE

  3. continiE press li diski ki li vin vert

  4. astr position t TV s emitter vis a vis emitter remote MyT la. fr bne emitter la touC

  5. astr t kumanse program pu bouton off/on avan. press bouton off lr tou les deux remote en mem temps pendan 5 seconds

  6. press bouton set. astrla tne fini program pu on/off

  7. astr facile t re press bouton set diska ki la lumiere la vin vert pareil kuma tne fr dan step3 ek step 4

  8. re fr pareil kuma step4

  9. astr kuamnse program bne les autres keys la pareil kuma on/off sof ki t pu press bne les autres bouton kuma volume up ek down soi

t bzin program bouton par bouton

kan t p program 1 bouton lr remote MyT, t bzin press bouton ki fr mem fonction lr t existing remote

BhavishDoobaree 12 Jan 2015

contact mw si t ena nimporte ki prob pu program sa remote la