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Where should I go tomorrow?

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Peaches 22 May 2012
I am making the most of the 'good' weather and exploring Mauritius before it gets too cold, is there anywhere you can recommend me going for tomorrow? The problem is I have pretty much seen all of Mauritius (I think)so I am now lost for ideas, any suggestions?


gices 22 May 2012
Museums? Have you been to all of them?

How about Aapravasi Ghat or Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary?
Peaches 22 May 2012
Hmm not entertaining enough for me sorry :@
Khush_Mendossa 23 May 2012
So where have you been today? :p
Peaches 23 May 2012
In the end I went to the Mauritius Glass Gallery in Phoenix and Grand Bassin, it was a nice day for it too, article and pictures coming soon on Clever Dodo!

I wanted to go to Kanaka but couldn't find any signs going there :(
Khush_Mendossa 23 May 2012
Hey so you've been near my house! But I wonder if it was entertaining? lol.. You've made a glass for yourself and daughter?
Peaches 24 May 2012
Yeah I had a really nice day, the monkeys at Grand Bassin entertained my daughter and the glass blowing demonstration kept her amazed. She has a plaster cast of her hands and feet so I hand my hand printed in glass :)
Khush_Mendossa 22 May 2012
Nature Park perhaps?
I prefer seaside though..
Or a quiet place for picnic..not anything grandiose for a relaxing weather :)