Riddle - How to get the goose out of the bottle?

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gices 20 Dec 2014

A man takes a baby goose, puts it in a bottle and feeds it until it has grown the size of the bottle. How can he get the goose out of the bottle safely without breaking the bottle or killing the goose?



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paulcoker 10 Oct 2015

You make known to the goose certain hard factual truths relative to its present circumstance, whilst doing everything within your power to make the goose's daily life from that point onward one of gradually deteriorating discomfort, suffering, want and relentless hardship and misery until the goose's life has suddenly gone totally to sh*t and become one of quiet desperation.

Then you place the bottle on a high shelf, and wait - provided with the means, freedom and opportunity to alter its circumstances by causing the bottle to fall from the high shelf, the goose with nothing left to lose will either free himself by causing the bottle to fall to the ground and smash, or die in the attempt.

In either outcome, you are responsible for neither breaking the bottle, nor killing the goose, although both possibilities may in fact be the result - but cannot be blamed on anything that you yourself did to either one.

The goose can break its way free from the confines of the bottle by itself, if properly motivated, and likewise, the goose can end its own life just as easily, and neither one will happen on account of you - you just supplied the goose with the opportunity to make a choice either way

RoseOfUniverse 12 Nov 2015

how did the baby goose get into the bottle in the first place? and well what kind of bottle was it?so it depends...+( im not sure the goose would still be alive..) it depends on the bottle shape..i guess

yonaik 10 Jun 2016

let the goose break the bottle when it gets big enough so then the man doesnt kill the goose nor he breaks the bottle..

BadFundodo 05 Feb 2016

1.There is no detail on the shape, size or material of the bottle.
2. Goose may have an alterante meaning. Not the bird.

PsychoShaf 10 Oct 2015

this is a psycho question :P