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Forest conservation, how far is it important?

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pra 11 Sep 2011
in general, on deforestation.
its negative and positive aspects


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yonne 12 Sep 2011
-ve aspects – loss of plant species  can increase proliferation of alien and opportunist plant species (can be difficult to control); loss of animals’ habitats; erosion; water cycle is affected; desertification; flooding
+ve aspects – development purposes  source of money; man’s satisfaction; interest in the subject (sensitization campaigns etc) to prevent further forest loss
Can you be more specific? The whole deforestation concept covers a lot of things and one factor usually leads to another and there are also various forest types, like mangrove forests prevent tsunamis etc etc and are we talking about deforestation in Mauritius here?
If you want to add more details I’m sure that I can be of better help.
sphinx 12 Sep 2011
One thing for sure, if we keep cutting down trees in the forest, many animals will find the same fate as the dodo. We, people, should learn from our mistakes and make it a must not to repeat them.
gices 11 Sep 2011
Deforestation is a major problem and I wouldn't say it has any advantages or positive aspects as you call it. There is a need for deforestation to make way for building new houses and other man-needed constructions or for timber related requirements. However forest conservation is a more important challenge that we face and here are the reasons why we should be concerned about it:

1. destroys the natural habitat or many species and therefore can cause extinction
2. contributes to global warming as it adds more carbon to the atmosphere
3. increases erosion because there are no longer roots to hold the soil together

There are many other disadvantages of deforestation and reasons above are just a guideline.