MSPCA - Mauritius Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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gices Khush_Mendossa
gices 06 Sep 2011
Do you think the MSPCA is doing enough to protect animals against cruelty? With only 3 animal hospitals around the island and the huge problem of stray dogs on the streets, do you think they are coping well? What could be done to improve the services?


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Baboo 06 Sep 2011
Once i saw a dog on the streets, it clearly met with an accident;with half a leg, and an awful lot of blood. so i called MSPCA.
And they said : we dont work on sundays, we will do the necessary on monday.
i was like WHAT? and you claim to be fighting against the cruelty of animals, was that not also your job?
instead of just taking calls on sundays, they must be ready to act also.
gices 07 Sep 2011
Wow, this is unbelievable!
punisher 06 Oct 2011
omg , next time do record the convo plz and post it online that would be enough to trigger some legal actions
thebigfatdog 17 Oct 2011
Since I life here, I wonder where this group got its name from - they catch and kill animals and have never done a single move to make their lifes better. I saw the dog catchers several times, they catch them very brutal, one dog who was fighting for their life, got beaten on his head. Tourists standing next to this scene were shocked. Is this Paradise Island?
What about the sterilization campaign they were talking about? There was never done a single step to launch such a project. Still, people who want to sterilize their dogs and cats, need to travel over the Island - which is for many of them not possible. And PAWS - the only organization who offered sterilizations in every town - are not supported any longer..!!!!
So, the answer to this question is a clear NO. And even worse: they DO cruel things to Animals - instead of preventing them.
Danidzuif 14 Apr 2012
I return from work on Thursday evening and was informed that my dog was captured. We call this service the following day and they tell us that it is already in Port-Louis, ready to be killed. Unfortunately we work all day long and we don't have a mode of transport. I call a lot of people to try to my dog collected but in vain. We call MSPCA on Friday and they told us that we need to pay latest on Saturday between 8h 30 and noon. My brother contacted them and asked them to wait becasuse we don't have a car and the buses are refusing to carry even a puppy. Same thing with the taxi. A staff there said that our dog was never even in p-louis. So where's my dog? We keep trying to call them but no one answers, what do I do?
gices 14 Apr 2012
I've translated your answer from French to English because this question has been asked in English. We have a dedicated section for French and Creole as well (see the FAQ for more details).

Now coming back to your problem, if they are not picking up the phone, then why don't you go there in person? And who informed you that your dog was captured? Did it have a collar?

You need to act quickly, otherwise you're going to lose your dog. Don't you have any friends or family who'd be willing to bring your dog back?
Khush_Mendossa 14 Apr 2012
If you don't get your dog back it's going to be a criminal case. But you should also act very fast!

Record the conversation if possible.
But we already have your doleance here. A dog can't just disappear. Keep us informed.
Khush_Mendossa 14 Apr 2012
By the way Gices if you're still here I think we should refer this directly to the MSPCA else I think the dog might not escape.
gices 14 Apr 2012
Khush, Danidzuif needs to go there first and see what's happening. And he hasn't confirmed who told him the dog was captured. So let's just wait for his response...
Khush_Mendossa 14 Apr 2012
Yeah right! I just hope the dog is safe. Wouldn't want this to be happening with my dog.
Danidzuif 19 Apr 2012
Sorry for late response.I saved my dog on saturday noon.Was so worried That i don't reach at time cuz an employee reply call at 11am and told if I don't come to fetch my dog before noon,say farwell as they will kill it on its early monday.Thanks god I save it.My dog was catch infront of my door and it was my small cousin who saw it been catch.he's only 11yrs and couldn't do anything.Well,at the end my dog is with me but hate the Mspca as I think that animals need to be protected instead of being killed when they are not with their masters.
gices 19 Apr 2012
Good to hear you've got your dog back finally.

Yes, MSPCA needs to do a lot to improve their services as it seems they don't do much to prevent cruelty to animals. Dogs are a huge problem for them as they associate each one of them with strays but cats are no different either; you cannot bring an abandoned kitten to them as they just don't care.
Khush_Mendossa 19 Apr 2012
Hey that's great news Danidzuif! Don't worry the MSPCA is going to get a good kick soon for the cruelties they make.
sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

they are known for ill treating animals

Khush_Mendossa 02 Apr 2012
I think there has recently been a campaign to protect animals. Seen lots of posters around the country. "Mo lisien, gardien simer? jamais." something like that. Hope our little friends are given more attention now.