I am not in Mauritius but I wish to report someone who is misusing my pictures in Mauritius

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Sofiah 22 Apr 2014

How can I do that please? Is there a way that I can file a report online or I have to be physically in Mauritius?


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sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

You need to contact the Masa. They changed their name...but their website is still masa http://masa.intnet.mu/

hacker8 01 Sep 2014

report to the fbi
the website is
go to the online crime section
they may help you

gices 02 Sep 2014

The link fbi.gov would be for US residents only, I just checked their site.

gices 22 Apr 2014

Without knowing where and how your pictures are being used, it is difficult to give a definitive answer. If the pictures are being shown on a website, you can contact the webmaster to try and get them removed. Now they may ignore your request as well because they don't really know whether the pictures are truly yours or not. So I think you will have to report it to the police who will then escalate it for you.

You do not have to be in Mauritius to do this as you can go down to your local police station (in whichever country you are from) and they can get something like a court order to force removal of your pictures and sue the offender.

Muzzammil 22 Apr 2014

if it is about online facebook pictures, i would consider informing facebook, but if its about a local thing, you would need to be present here or a family member should do so