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Kuma fer note de musik lor facebook?

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yonne 29 Sep 2011
mon geter lor internet nanier pa p bon, mo servi n laptop et pena num lock lorla.

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gices 05 Oct 2011
Note de music ♫ : Alt + 14

Lot enn computer to nek ena pou pez Alt lor to keyboard, apres nimero 1 ek 4, lerla kuma to fini, note de musik la pou paret.

Mai lor enn laptop, li differan parski keyboard la pa parey. Alor to bisin activ "Num Lock" (enn la-limiere pou alimer lor to keyboard pou fer twa conner ki num lock ON).

Lerla la bizin pez Alt, lettre J apres U, kuma to fini note la misik la pou paret.

Bann chiffre laho lor keyboard la pa marser (mo pa conner kifer) mai kan tonn met num lock, to bann lettre lor keyboard la vinn bann chiffre. Check sa:

M - 0
J - 1
K - 2
L - 3
U - 4
I - 5
O - 6
7 - 7
8 - 8
9 - 9

7, 8, 9 bann chiffre ki to truver lor to keyboard sa (nimero 1 ziska 6 pa marser kan num lock on)

Alt + 1 + 3 = ♪ (Laptop num lock on : Alt + J + L)
Alt + 1 + 4 = ♫ (Laptop num lock on : Alt + J + U)

Bann shortcut la to kapav servi lor nimporte ki site sa, pa zis facebook (to kapav servi lor microsoft word si sa).