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My geeky attempt to write a computer program which represents true love

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It's 2am on a Wednesday morning and in 5 hours I need to go to work. I'm struggling to sleep - I'm probably lovesick! I'm singing heartbroken songs silently in my head and thinking about the C# codes I need to write for the project I'm working on at work. Then I start mixing the two and start thinking if I were to represent true love in code, what would it look like. Here's what I end up with:

true love program

I've put a lock on the heart because, ideally, you would only love one girl at a time. However the for loop syntax should have been "for (;;)" instead to represent an infinite loop depicting eternal love. I wanted to be more explicit though and show that the love grows everyday, hence I used the longest integer available in C#, ulong which is 18446744073709551615. That's 50,539 trillion years!

Why it crashed my computer

If I had a superfast computer that could process the LoveHerMore() method every millisecond, it would take the computer 584 million years to complete the program. Since this is a long running task, the CPU is working hard to finish the job and soon it starts to heat up. The fan tries to cool it down and the screen doesn't take long to become unresponsive. You're trying to get the PC to do something else but everything freezes up and the computer crashes before you know it.

And to make the code more spicy!

I thought the program needed a bit more detail, so I've added a few functions. The IsReciprocalLove() shouldn't really be called for true love but it's there just for fun :)

love program methods

Amazingly the heart is a better computer

While the computer cannot handle this love program, the heart does not have a problem running it. Once it's found the right person, it knows nothing else than to love her forever. Unfortunately unlike a computer, it's illogical and understands pain which makes life difficult.

And for those who are madly in love or heartbroken...

Would you still love the person you do if they didn't love you back?

gices Published 15 Aug 2014
Gices Abraham is the founder of Clever Dodo. He's a life coach and advocates the practice of MAM (Movement/Arts/Meditation) for a well-balanced and happy life. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, he usually blogs about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on his knowledge.


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Mauritius2014 19 Aug 2014

I think that you dont choose who to love you,when to love or how much to is just someting you can't is beyond logic and has more to do with your feelings...

I thnik that you may still love a person even if they are not there,but this love will fade gradually as it is not fuelled...this kind of love may turn to hatred or may turn into a negative emotion(bad experience) because you feel rejected.

But for sure it will change with time

gices 19 Aug 2014

True love should be unconditional, even if it's one-sided but in real life unrequited love is difficult to cope with.

It is in human nature to feel they are wanted, they are loved back and when that doesn't happen, the love tends to fade away, just like you stated.

rhiteshrasta 09 May 2015

Ya the love fade away.
But after how many month or years sometime :D

RoseOfUniverse 31 May 2015

Hello, I would say yes...i would still love him, In love there is no condition like "if i love you,you should love me back"...for me if the love isn't reciprocal or if someone is bored with me, then i would let him go if he want ...because i would like to see the person i love to be happy...

In real love...there are no selfish condition...since we are creature made to love...if we are no more with that someone..there will be a time where you will need to move on...i think everything happened for a reason...maybe there is someone Better out there for you....maybe to get more experiences in life...maybe to know where you went wrong..most important of all...for your own personal make your future relationship get better....

By the way as for love fading away...nah..there is no such is unconditional...maybe your personal growth make your way of thinking(You) to be someone different..hence sometime partners no more feel connect....and it may feel like you no more love the person because the personal change may caused a similarity gap...but i think it happened for a reason...this is for you to keep getting to know your partner continuously...lets see hmm...

I bought a new dress...

  • 1st day = absolutely love it
  • 5 month = love it ,
  • 1 year = its good ,
  • 5 years = too old,throw it away...

We get bored when something stay the same...however we are made in such a way that our though keep changing from day to day...and its absolutely exciting, isn't it...and oh and also bdsm, polygamy, wife-swapping,bi-sexual love....well as long as both people agree to it...then we have no right to judge....those "scandalous stuff" has exist since millennium...and since media is a good manipulator...we are known to scandalize stuff for the wrong reason for most of the cases...

Did you know that before civilization, we human did have multiple partners for pro-creation and civilization/Religion came to play a big role in our ancestors life...since pro-create mean spreading of STD such as Syphilis(one of the oldest STD) so religion create marriage and thats mean one should only mate with one partner and at that time it was the best solution because they were not medically-advanced BUT ...we are animal dear....don't think we are any different now...we are animal wearing clothes that have been tamed by civilization...but still...we still carry on our ancestors gene...and the "animal" will never be removed from us....

So what is happening now is that most of the people nowadays is returning to the old-age culture that is more and more people are no more self-contained by religions(not that i fault them), we are more rebellious...more opened-minded nowadays than we were in the past decades, so we have a tendency to follow our animal instinct...we are animal...we have been genetically design to reproduced...and it may not be sooo we have protections= condoms etc...and as long as both people in a relationship are consent to this...then its not the media or our problem...remember no condition in love. hahahaha...i end up answering all 3 people who has comment here...

And Sorry for being unintentionally disrespectful in advanced (and for my grammatical errors)

Send lots of love,kisses and hugs

Khairah 28 Feb 2015

Love should start from an I LOVE YOU on tissue paper, go through a romantic dinner on the beach after a high-adrenaline duo bungee jump to BDSM in room. Nowadays it IS the case, the only thing is.. people write to one person, go dinner with another, jump with someone else and BDSM yet another one.

gices 01 Mar 2015

I don't think I'll make it through the bunjee jump, can we swap the order of things slightly?

Khairah 02 Mar 2015

I so want to ask by which one you wanna start, but I dread the answer..

Khairah 02 Mar 2015


gices 02 Mar 2015

I would just put bunjee jumping as last.

By "we", I was thinking in the interest of all of us reading this, not you and me necessarily :P

Khairah 02 Mar 2015

I never meant you and me either :p I was just asking the reference of WE..