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Where can I buy computer programming books in Mauritius?

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gices 10 Dec 2012

I'm after a book called MVC 4 and I've been to Le Cygne Library in Rose-Hill and they only sell novels. There's a bookshop in Grand Baie La Croisette and it didn't have it either.

If there's a book store where I'd be guaranteed to get the book, please let me know. Thanks.


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Sharing local knowledge to make information more accessible to Mauritians, expats and tourists

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moricien 10 Dec 2012

Yep try Le Printemps Port Louis - Rue Deforges.. The other day I was there, I saw a bunch of programming books.

If ever, when you go there its over, they'll order it from Vacoas for you.

gices 10 Dec 2012

Okay, will check it out during in the coming days. How about the bookshop in Caudan, is it worth a try too?

moricien 11 Dec 2012

I've tried the bookshop in Caudan. The problem I found with other bookshops is that they deal with only books which will be selling mostly. Like novels, school books and magazines. I always prefer Le Printemps for my buying because they made an effort to get the book for me even if they don't have it in stock.

gices 13 Dec 2012

Went to Le Printemps and it was a waste of time to be honest. There were only a handful of programming books and they can't even search for a book title on their computers. What era are they living in, I wonder? Upon my request, they contacted the branch in Vacoas and they didn't have it either there. They wanted me to email the Vacoas store so that they can order it for me and then get it delivered to Port-Louis for me to collect but it's too much hassle in my opinion. Thank God there's Amazon!

Just like you stated above, bookshops here only stock school books or those which are sure to sell. I actually find bookshops in Mauritius to be selling more stationary products than books.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. At least now I know, Amazon is the way to go...

Khush_Mendossa 10 Dec 2012

Le Printemps Vacoas there's a section dedicated to Programming. Try your luck there.

gices 10 Dec 2012

Anything closer to Port-Louis or Rose-Hill that you know of?